Messer Tehnogas

Gases For Life

Messer Tehnogas AD, a part of Messer SE & Co. KGaA, a leading international family-owned company in this field, is the largest producer of industrial, medical and specialty gases in Serbia and the Balkans, and it’s 92 years of tradition guarantees the reliability and quality of delivered products

Messer Tehnogas supplies over 4,000 customers in Serbia and abroad, selling over 650,000 tons of products in Serbia and throughout the Balkan region. Its clients have at their disposal professional and responsible teams for technical and logistic services 24-hours-a-day, 365-days-a-year, using over 50 trucks and tank trailers.


Messer Tehnogas AD has been at the forefront of the fight during the COVID-19 Pandemic, as a producer and distributor of liquid and gaseous medical oxygen, which the WHO has declared an essential medicine for the treatment of COVID-19 patients.

During the state of emergency, at a time when virtually nothing was known about the virus and most of the economy had ground to a halt, this company was working every day, with increased capacity for the production of medical oxygen. In order to meet the requirements to increase the oxygen supply capacity, the company has invested significant funds: 14 stable storage tanks were mounted and more than 20 mobile storage tanks were made operational; central gas supply systems were installed in seven hospitals, sometimes even while patients were already admitted; thousands of seamless cylinders for compressed gases were procured or repurposed, while production switched from one-shift operation to three-shift operations, at all five Messer locations. Logistics, under extraordinarily dynamic engagements, made deliveries around the clock, without breaks for weekends and holidays.

Through constant communication, Messer Tehnogas performs the regular and reliable distribution of medical gases to all necessary institutions on the territory of Serbia.

By implementing over 300 applications of different gases in everyday life, Messer Tehnogas constantly shows how important its business is for everyday life and work!


The Messer Tehnogas specialty gases portfolio consists of several product lines: high purity gases; standard and individual gas mixtures; specialties like some inorganic gases, refrigerants and liquid helium, as well as high purity liquid gases. All of these products are delivered from the Pančevo production plants to customers in Serbia and across the SEE region.

The applications of special gases are very diverse. Many modern analytical methods require pure gases or gas mixtures as working gases, while analysers must be calibrated by high precision gas mixtures. Gaseous Helium is used for filling of balloons and aircrafts, to detect leaks and in liquid phase as an MRI coolant reaching superconductivity state. Resonators in CO2 lasers work using specific, precisely defined gas mixtures. Noble gases or their mixtures with other components are used to charge halogen bulbs, for insulation in windows or for production of plasma display panels.

As different applications of specialty gases mixtures are, so are the industry areas: for quality control in the fields of petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical or food industry, specialty gases are used for analytical purposes. In hospitals, calibration gases are used from blood gases analysis to lung function diagnostic.

Simulations of natural gas mixtures are used for the calorific control and composition of natural gas; gas mixtures are used in biogas plants for the control process, as well as for quality control when adding biogas to the natural gas grid. Approvals for placements of new motor vehicles on the market, as well as regular technical inspections for the control of exhaust fumes, are based on high-precision calibration gases. Low concentration calibration gases are used to control emissions of exhaust fumes from various industrial plants, as well as for the continuous monitoring of air quality.

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