Kruna Gavović, CEO Of The Lean Six Sigma Company CEE And TMS CEE Marketing and Academy Manager

FFE Has Got The Momentum

The Lean Six Sigma Company CEE has high occupancy of its LSS courses. This is because the number of companies organising training for their employees is increasing, as is the number of experts who independently invest in their education

Under the conditions of the pandemic, the effects of applying internationally approved methods and techniques for preserving the business proved to be good, with a slight fall in turnover, but also with significant savings on costs, emphasises Kruna Gavović, TMS CEE Marketing and Academy Manager and CEO of the Lean Six Sigma Company CEE.

The concept of establishing a proper balance of professional and private life is also available to companies in Serbia through the “Family Friendly Enterprise” certification. Has it gained its full meaning now that a virus has reminded us of what is really of the most importance to us?

Logo TMS– The Family Friendly Enterprise (FFE) certificate is awarded to companies that enable their employees to more easily harmonise their private life and professional obligations. Employees should always be viewed beyond just the work environment and provided with opportunities to enjoy some of the most significant moments in their lives without the stresses of work.

FFE principles have to date been implemented in Serbia by leading companies in the fields of telecommunications, media, finance, and FMCG, while most of the implemented measures have now gained their full meaning. This is especially important at this time when is more essential than ever to ensure the harmonising of professional and private life.

As the company that brought the FFE concept to Serbia, TMS is recognised as an innovative firm that is focused on creating value for the customer. What does your business look like under the conditions of a pandemic?

– The correct response to the new conditions was both adaptation and operating with a focus on costs. We have applied most of the internationally and nationally approved methods and techniques, such are Remote audit, Remote inspection, web meetings, and others, along with the necessary accompanying procedures and risk assessments. Overall, Risk Management, Business Continuity and Corporate Resilience (security) proved to be management techniques crucial for maintaining operations under these conditions.

Our clients have demonstrated exceptional strength and vitality. Out of our approximately 1,500 clients, almost none of them gave up on further cooperation. This is one more proof that companies that have introduced and certified standards show better performances than the average.

Lean Six Sigma distinguishes itself because the results of applied measures are also shown in savings proven through bookkeeping. Is that all, or are there any immeasurable benefits?

– Of course, there are. I will give you just one example of a client of the Lean Six Sigma Company CEE which has factories in many countries around the world and which implemented an LSS project at its factory in Serbia. Alongside extremely large savings on costs, the effect was that employees are now much fresher and can invest more energy in regular work than was the case previously.

As with many other examples, it can be concluded that the success or failure of an LSS project in a company depends mostly on the level of competence of the LSS experts participating in the project. It is by no means inconsequential whether the people who are coming to your company new graduates, or they are experts with extensive experience of LSS, industry, and in applying LSS at the world’s best companies.

It is particularly encouraging that even the virus couldn’t diminish interest in LSS training, so we already have arranged and scheduled training courses until the end of this year, with coaches from Serbia, but also the Netherlands and other countries.

Our companies, including TMS CEE and the Lean Six Sigma Company CEE, deliver absolutely the same quality of services as in the developed world, and we are especially proud of that.

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