Branimir Mijailović, Director of Energotehnika-Južna Bačka

We Accept Challenges

The position of leader obliges us not only to respect professional standards, but also to operate continuously, innovatively, socially and with social responsibility

Branimir Mijailović, Director of Energotehnika-Južna Bačka

For more than fifty years, company Energotehnika-Južna Bačka – EJB has been accepting projects and tasks that others do not have the courage to take on. In the last decade, the company has made remarkable penetration on the market of the region, expanding its range of services and cooperating with renowned European companies. Thanks to the knowledge and experience of its 259 employees, it successfully uses the energy that drives the world.

Which standards and values reflect the business model of Energotehnika- Južna Bačka?

– As a leader in the field of energetics and one of the biggest companies in the region, we are obliged to set the best business standards, but also to encourage others to use business rules and further develop towards a professional and socially responsible future.

The foundation of the company and the good reputation we have built over the years are based on the following key postulates: quality, trust, transparency, continuous learning, being innovative, care for employees and the community.

I would also like to mention that those postulates are clearly defined by an ethical and moral code and are a standard part of our work contracts, which is thus mandatory for all of our employees to follow.

What are the direct strategic priorities of the company until 2020?

– As key strategic priorities, I would highlight adopting new technologies and maximising the market share of projects related to renewable energy, ecology, and similar. As of now, we are present on the territory of the Balkans and Germany, and one of our defined goals is to expand in other markets, mainly to the east (Russia, Kazakhstan, etc.).

Other strategic goals are related to continuous improvements in the quality and efficiency of every part of the company, the introduction of new programmes and the development of scientific research activities as an important part of the company’s growth.

We finalised a five-year business plan that we are convinced will provide stable and more efficient management, and continuous growth and development

Which German companies have you worked with so far, and what is your experience in doing business with those companies?

– We work with numerous German companies, but first I would like to point out our partnership with company “R+S Solutions” from Fulda. Not long ago, we signed a contract worth €2.6 million with company “FAM” from Magdeburg, related to a mining project in Kolubara. Partnership with Siemens is also important to mention, and we operate with them on a daily basis.

We are proud of our partnership with the German government, where the most intensive partnership is with the KfW development bank of Germany in the project of district heating in Serbia. We are also partners with GIZ in the field of education and special training courses required by the work ethic in Germany.

Where do you see room for improvement and state support for the faster growth of Energotehnika-Južna Bačka?

– On one hand, it is important that the state recognises and stimulates the export side of the business, but at the same time, the economic part of diplomacy has to start proactively promoting companies like Energotehnika-Južna Bačka.

On the other hand, the state has to make management easier through legal regulations, while at the same time continuing to participate actively in the process of finding new investors and the process of launching capital infrastructure projects.

We also expect better economic protection and state subventions when it comes to local industry, especially in the field of agriculture. Great progress has been made so far and, considering all the activities and pro-reform course of our government, we are sure that this environment will be created.