Nothing But Exceptional

Slobodan Anić, Director, Dunkermotoren d.o.o.

Slobodan Anić, Director, Dunkermotoren d.o.o.

Company Dunkermotoren has been developing and producing precision motors for over 50 years. This manufacturer develops and produces brushless DC motors, brushed DC motors and also a broad range of planetary and worm gearboxes, as well as brakes and encoders.

As the representative of German company Dunkermotoren in Serbia, you have been dealing with the production of micro motors since 2010 and you have an enviable portfolio of clients. What have your experiences been like to date?

– At Dunkermotoren we are not producing only micro motors, but we are giving clean energy to the world. We are improving the quality of lives and we are pioneers of modern technologies. We need people that are ready to learn continuously, that is committed to quality, who never say “that is impossible” and we’ve found that here, in Serbia.

Our customers are brands recognised worldwide and they don’t accept anything but exceptional. We found the business environment here to be very supportive of any investor.

You have announced the expansion of production and the hiring of more than 100 new workers. What new projects are you planning?

– Dunkermotoren is part of a global company Ametek and we started operations in Serbia with 20 employees. Today we have 145 employees and our peer business unit from Ametek started its operations with 100 additional employees. Ametek has recognised all the aforementioned potentials and in the near future, we will start with the production of the wider Ametek portfolio in Serbia.

Apart from that, we are also recommending bringing our suppliers to Serbia. All of this assures me that there is a bright future for Ametek, Subotica and Serbia.


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