dm Drogerie Markt

Domestic Products That We Are Proud Of

From the most varied parts of Serbia to the shelves of dm drugstores

A year after the products developed within the scope of the dm Incubator found themselves in dm drugstores, this company continues to provide support to the local economy. Through this project, dm provided 18 small and medium-sized domestic producers with the opportunity to place as many as 57 products from the food segment and care & beauty segment on the shelves of the largest drugstore chain in Europe. Support also continued in the following period, and in the last nine months 17 new products were developed additionally, so the customers were able to enjoy as many as 72 top quality products created in the heart of our country.

The end result of their intensive work with mentors and experts is reflected in exclusive products which, are characterized by unique design in addition to high quality ingredients, demonstrating that local producers from various parts of Serbia are able to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with major world brands.


One in a series of products distinguished by world class quality is Coquette, liquid blush of unusual packaging and even more interesting shades of apricot, raspberry and blackberry. Coquette Apricot Light contains natural apricot kernel oil known to be useful for dry skin, thanks to a complex of essential vitamins. The raspberry seed oil found in Coquette Raspberry Smooth blush is responsible for the fresh pink shade, also providing skin protection against harmful UV radiation, while the Coquette Blackberry Rich gives an antiageing effect to the face.


The range of cosmetics available at dm drugstores since the dm Incubator project has been enriched by another brand- Biona, products for complete skin care. Micellar water, facial cream and serum, as well as anti-wrinkle care cream have been winning over the hearts of customers for a year already. Based on ingredients such as organic cellular apple water, green caviar and chamomile, macadamia and camellia oil, Biona products render the skin silky, soft and gentle.


When natural ingredients of lemon balm, mint, marigold, white mistletoe, rabbit thorn and others are combined, another innovative product of the dm Incubator is created – Olydrop oil for gum massage. Nurturing painful and sensitive gums and oral infections is no longer a problem with this solution, which has both an antibacterial effect and the ability to reduce inflammation.


Food selection at dm drugstores is rounded off with unique foodstuffs that will complete your day, whether you’re looking for sweet treats or tasty natural snacks and drinks.Thus, the Dolovac family brand offers pure juices without additional water, sugar or additives, of completely natural color. Available in combinations of five different fruit flavors, these make up truly healthy refreshments and can be consumed diluted with water or mixed with some other fruit juice. Characteristic beverages are also trademark of the domestic brand Vrtlari, which – within the scope of the dm Incubator project – has also developed pulpy natural juices made from broccoli and apple that contain as much as 51 per cent broccoli and 49 per cent pulpy apple juice.

Apart from the aforementioned items, other specific products have been developed in the food segment, such as Tvoja domaćica salad containing natural ingredients, various combinations of organic mushrooms under the Taste of the West brand and the Veverko natural honey spread with raspberry and cherry. In the care & beauty segment, there are Hvala cosmetics, Call me Frank remedies for men’s care, miraculous Multiactiv marmalade for the under eye area, as well as firming body lotions from My Way Natural.

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