Branka Perić Šljivić, Director Of International Transports At Perić Trans Company

Every Challenge Is An Opportunity For Growth

Perić Trans Company was founded almost three decades ago. It has been providing international transport services since 1996, while it has also been selling and leasing used construction machinery and equipment since the 2000s. This company has been patiently conquering new markets for years, growing and developing to the position where it today has 160 employees

Thanks to its wide range of construction machinery and equipment, state-of-the-art fleet, mobile services and professional personnel, this family company is able to offer and guarantee the fast and high-quality implementation of works for its clients.

Your company celebrates its 30th birthday during next year. What has your development path looked like? Your portfolio surely wasn’t as rich and diverse at the start…

Perić Trans Company is a family company that was founded in 1992, and we’ve been engaged in international transport services since 1996. The company has grown gradually over the years, developing and conquering markets. We currently have 160 employees.

New business opportunities on the market encouraged us to develop another sector of operations: sales and hiring of used construction machinery and equipment. This proved to be another excellent business move, as shown today by the more than 250 different units in stock that are available for to buy or hire.

In late 2016, due to the need to expand our business and function more easily on the European market, we founded a subsidiary company, Perić Trans Company in Slovenia. I can state unreservedly that we are in that group of companies that have taken great strides forward from year to year and from decade to decade, so that today, after almost thirty years of operations, we have become a modern company with the latest generation haulage vehicles and a wide range of construction machinery and equipment.

We have developed and advanced gradually thanks to our clients, to their needs and requirements

Our core business is international transport to the European market, while a large part of our operations comprises the selling and leasing of construction machinery and equipment, as well as civil engineering works. We are among the top players in every segment of our operations and invest constantly in the company’s development.

What is your recipe for success? How important was the fact that Perić Trans Company is a family company when it came to expanding your business, increasing the number of employees and securing a leadership position in your branch of industry?

One of the main factors is persistence and perseverance in achieving plans set, as well as responsibility and a desire to respect everything agreed upon. The proper selecting of clients was certainly a crucial factor, because our company has developed and advanced gradually thanks precisely to our clients, to their needs and requirements. The long-term commitment of the family spawned Perić Trans Company as it is today.

What are the biggest challenges you face and how do you handle them?

Considering the turbulent years behind us, we have grown accustomed to challenges and resolve them as we go. We consider large projects that force us to leave our comfort zone as challenges, and we see them as opportunities for the company to grow. Our primary advantage is the exceptional flexibility and readiness of the company to respond to inquiries and implement works quickly and to a high standard of quality. When it comes to the renting of equipment, we cover the whole of Serbia, and one of the biggest jobs currently is linked to the construction of the Moravian Corridor, from Pojat – Kruševac to Čačak.


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