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Bojan Simović, Director, Hörmann Serbia d.o.o.

Always Ahead Of Time

For decades, Hörmann has been synonymous with the highest quality industrial and garage doors in Europe. This company’s products set standards in the industry, because every year Hörmann raises the bar in terms of innovation, quality, reliability…

The director of Hörmann Serbia speaks to CorD Magazine about the wide range of its products, measures for environmental and climate protection, compliance with the strictest German and European standards and norms, and the customer trust they enjoy.

Industrial and garage doors are not your only products. What else does our market demand?

Hörmann is the largest manufacturer of doors in Europe, home to 22 of its 38 factories, which enables us to offer the market a whole range of products in addition to garage and industrial doors.

Individual and industrial customers are equally important to us. Industrial customers buy loading ramps, industrial doors and fire doors from us, while private customers buy entrance doors and interior doors for their homes in addition to garage doors. Construction companies opt for products from our range depending on what kind of project they are currently working on.

Year after year, you raise the bar in terms of innovation, quality, reliability… How much are you guided by the wishes and needs of your clients?

New, innovative, high-quality, reliable products are necessary if you want to progress in your business. All our products correspond to the strict requirements set by German and European standards and norms, primarily in terms of safety and security in their use, and then in the fact that these products perform their function even after many years of use. Of course, we must not forget the aesthetic factor.

In recent years, all Hörmann factories and branches in Germany have been supplied with energy exclusively from renewable energy sources

How much we are ahead of the times can be seen from the fact that a large number of our products have German or world patents, while the technical details on our products, which are developed by our engineers, eventually become standard elements on the products of other manufacturers as well.

Since when is the use of “green energy” part of your strategic commitment? Why is it so important to you?

Hörmann is aware of its responsibility towards future generations. For more than a decade, under the slogan “We think green”, we have been implementing measures to protect the environment and climate. In the last few years, all our factories and branches in Germany have been supplied with energy exclusively from renewable energy sources. Wherever possible, we reduce or completely eliminate harmful gas emissions, and where this is not possible, we compensate through the financing of climate protection projects. Since last year, we have been the only one on the market offering climateneutral garage and house doors. This approach has met with a positive reaction in Germany. I believe that in our country, in accordance with today’s circumstances related to the energy crisis, awareness will grow that it is necessary to use electricity from renewable energy sources, which contributes to the preservation of the environment.

Considering the expansion of housing, does the Serbian market today differ from developed Western markets? What motivates both architects and individual customers to choose your products?

When architects and customers decide on our products, they first of all think of functionality and design, quality and durability. The diversity of our product range allows architects a freedom of imagination in designing, while it gives our customers the opportunity to find the right product that will make their home more beautiful and elegant.

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