Aqualab plus Laboratory

Aqualab: We Care About You 24/7, 365 Days A Year

With their impeccable work and exceptional results, Aqualab plus Laboratory are getting closer to their goal of becoming the leading institution in highly specialised lab diagnostics in Serbia and the region

The Aqualab Plus System comprises over 20 laboratories in Serbia and the region that offer biochemical, transfusion, microbiological, genetic and histopathologic tests. Aqualab’s team of professionals includes seven PhD holders, four of whom are University professors, two doctors specialising in clinical biochemistry, one doctor specialising in transfusiology, three doctors specialising in microbiology, three doctors specialising in pathophysiology, one doctor specialising in medical cytology, 20 medical biochemists and 60 laboratory technicians.





We are widely recognised for our pleasant atmosphere and staff, top-quality equipment from globally renowned medical manufacturers and efficient home care services.

Our laboratories in Belgrade, Novi Sad and Banja Luka are open 24/7, 365 days a year. We are particularly focused on children, pregnant women and pensioners, as well as on disease prevention through our campaign called ‘The Calendar of Health’. We possess quality certificates ATS-ISO 15189:2014 and TÜV-ISO 9001:2008.


Apart from routine tests and analyses, our specialist area is also testing for very rare metabolic, endocrinological, haematological, oncological and immunological diseases. We are known for complementary medical tests like risk factors for cardiovascular disease, stress indicators, allergic diseases, food intolerance (especially lactose), trace elements and vitamins. Apart from that, we also do the following tests: the latest tumour markers, such as nagalase, calprotectin and 8-hydroxydesoxyguanosin, and specific autoantibodies (celiac disease, collagenosis, antiphospholipid syndrome).

Furthermore, we always follow the latest microbiological trends, such as monitoring current virus strains like the Zika virus and influenza virus A and B, while offering targeted microbiology diagnostics.

Aqualab Plus LaboratorY contributes to the better health of people by providing high quality laboratory tests. Our mission is implemented through devoting considerable attention to customers. We improve our quality continuously by having an innovative approach


The European leader in laboratory diagnostics, Synlab Holding GmbH, has been Aqualab Plus’s strategic partner since 2012. Thanks to this partnership, our patients can take advantage of over 4,000 very specialised tests and analyses in one place.


Aqualab Plus Laboratory are also a regional partner of Natera, the USA for Serbia, Bosnia- Herzegovina and Montenegro. Natera is renowned worldwide for its genetic diagnostics.

Panorama is a market-leading non-invasive prenatal screening test (NIPT) that reveals a baby’s risk for genetic disorders. This is a brand new and very reliable technological solution available at a very affordable price.

By using Panorama, we support families from the moment they start planning to have children and during the prenatal period all the way through to pregnancy, the postnatal period and adulthood.


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