Somboled – a synonym for successful cooperation between Serbia and France in the dairy industry

Enduring cooperation in the service of producing the highest quality products

The world’s leading dairy group, France’s Lactalis Corporation, has been represented in Serbia since 2007 by company Somboled – one of the country’s most famous and successful companies in the production of milk and dairy products. Thanks to it belonging to this French group, as well as decades of experience in the production of dairy products and a tradition dating back to 1934, Somboled possesses the expertise that places it at the very top of the dairy industry.

Somboled LogoKnown for the freshness of its products and the preservation of its natural ingredients, this company brings a rich range of dairy products to the Serbian market, from milk, yoghurt and sour cream, to various types of cheese and other products. For the production of milk and yoghurt under the scope of the Dukat brand, domestic raw materials are used exclusively, while membership in the Lactalis Group has enabled Somboled to bring the assortments of world-famous brands President and Galbani to the Serbian market.

As such, consumers in Serbia today have available Mozzarella and Mascarpone from Italy, Roquefort, Camembert and Brie from France, as well as many other cheeses. Apart from this, the President brand has been enriched with domestic dairy products, such as President Sombor cheese and spread, President Kajmak and President Pannonian white cheese. Somboled’s range was last year supplemented with the re-launched brand of the same name – Somboled, within the framework of which fresh milk and yoghurt are produced using local raw materials.

Continuous cooperation with farmers even under difficult conditions.

The tradition of producing the highest quality milk and dairy products has been preserved thanks to numerous subcontractors with which Somboled has long-term cooperation. The company today cooperates with 700 domestic farms, from which it buys raw milk in bulk. Even during the recently lifted state of emergency caused by the Covid-19 virus pandemic, the company maintained cooperation with all farmers and the regular purchase of milk at unchanged prices, supporting the sustainability of their operations during that period.

In accordance with this, all aspects of production, distribution and sales unfolded unhindered. Employees in all sectors of the company were provided with safe working conditions, which resulted in maximum safety in the production and distribution of dairy products, from the factory to the consumer. During the state of emergency, Somboled exerted great efforts to ensure continuous production and the regular supplying of retail chains, without reducing the number of employees or lowering the bulk purchase price of milk. Moreover, in order to help the state in the fight against the pandemic, Somboled donated five million dinars to the National Health Insurance Fund for the procurement of respirators.

Somboled continues to prove that it is one of the leading companies in Serbia in the field of milk processing and the production of dairy products, as well as that stable operations under all conditions is a priority, with the aim of providing consumers with their favourite dairy products of the highest quality.


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