Priscilia Dubocage, Managing Director of Total HUB Balkans

10 Years and Counting

Total is one of the largest French companies and one of the four most successful oil companies in the world, with more than 100,000 employees in more than 130 countries on all continents. It is celebrating its 10th anniversary in Serbia and is still the only major oil brand with a direct presence in the country

Safety, respect for others, a pioneering spirit, the power of solidarity and a taste for performance symbolise important parts of the identity of the Total Group. These values guide our actions and our relationships with our stakeholders, and we will continue to justify the trust of our local community, says Mrs Dubocage

Total is celebrating 10 years of operations in Serbia, while you are celebrating a year in the position of general manager. Two nice reasons to celebrate, right? We are sure you have reasons to be satisfied and proud…

We are celebrating our 10th anniversary, still as the only major oil brand with a direct presence in Serbia. I am glad that we made this choice, justified with the market potential, the recognition of our customers and partners for the quality of our products and services, as feedback that we can measure in our constant growth during these years. Having this proximity to customers has helped us to better understand their needs, enabling us to design solutions for them.

When you took over the position of MD from your predecessor Almila Acan Kahvecioglu, you took over part of her plans, but also brought some of your own. Are you satisfied with the speed of their realisation?

One year ago we discussed our future plans related to market expansion of our high quality products and our most important projects. In 2020 we have successfully launched our global “New Lub Project”, the most important initiative in the lubricants segment. Our ranges of lubricants have been entirely revamped to offer a high level of efficiency and innovation.

Total has become a brand of choice in this area by creating value for each and every customer, and we are proud of that

The TOTAL QUARTZ Auto Service network, a concept that reflects high quality service and a distinct visual identity, typical of partner auto services in Total’s network, is growing. Our industrial products market is expanding as well. We are particularly proud of FOLIA, our revolutionary liquid used for metalworking, which is showing significant growth.

All of these projects gave us the possibility to pursue our wish to expand our presence in the region and we are satisfied with the speed of growth and dedication shown during this economic slowdown.

How do you assess the potential of this region, this market for which you are in charge?

We were able to ensure great achievements in this region, by performing our everyday operations based on our core values. During these 10 years, we have learned about the local market, presented high quality products that cover the market’s needs, and customers have respected that. I am optimistic, based on our results, and am looking forward to the growth of the both region and us, as a part of it.

You are focused on maintaining product quality, but also on social responsibility projects. Do both contribute to maintaining the strong position you have in the region?

By being close to our customers, we are able to hear not only their product-related needs, but also a wider range of needs of our community. As one of our core values is the power of solidarity, we view socially responsible behaviour as part of our everyday business, and, yes, this approach has an impact on our strong position in the region. During this year we recognised the precious contribution of paramedics and decided to donate lubricants to The City Institute For Emergency Medical Services, for their ambulance vehicles, to support them during the peak of the pandemic.

Total HUB Balkans logo

TOTAL is the only major oil brand that is directly present in Serbia. Thanks to that, do we get a service and products of the same quality as consumers from the most economically developed countries?

Our customers in Serbia are able to get TOTAL quality standards like anywhere in the World. Depending on different needs and our market insights, we are able to recognise those needs and offer suitable product ranges and services. As the needs are changing and growing, we are expanding our offer. Over these 10 years we have built a qualitatively adjusted locally used portfolio.

Can you tell us more about your current projects, such as the new packaging and the TOTAL QUARTZ Auto Service network, which you run successfully?

With the “New Lub Project” we present our packaging changes, as well as our new premium product ranges of automotive lubricants. New packaging brought our range efficiency and a premium, distinctive design, all strongly committed to customers and in line with our sustainability-orientated values. The first positive reactions have already arrived from our authorised distributors, who we’ve been able to rely on during all these years.

In 2020 we have successfully launched our global “New Lub Project”, the most important initiative in the lubricants segment

One of the places where you can also find this new offer is our TOTAL QUARTZ Auto Service network, which has doubled compared to June 2019. With our TQAS Caravan serial, where we present our partners, we believe that our network is well known among customers and potential partners. We will continue to expand where it’s adapted.

There is a growing awareness of the need to protect the environment and reduce pollution. Your contribution is reflected in Total’s environmental programme. Tell us more about it …

Our global ambition is to get to net-zero emissions by 2050, together with society, for our global business across our production and energy products used by customers. Total is already seeking opportunities to reduce our emissions, improve our products and develop new low-carbon businesses.

When it comes to product improvement, one of the improvements brought by our new packaging is related to sustainability. the new packaging allows us to incorporate recycled plastic and less virgin raw materials are used. We’ve already developed product ranges for electric vehicles and TOTAL QUARTZ XTRA range for the latest petrol, diesel or hybrid vehicles requiring fuel economy performance and reduced CO2 emissions.


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