Dragan Milić, Key Account Manager, LGCF

We Offer Serbia 200 Brands

LGCF was established in France in 1979 as a family company, while it is today the largest producer of wines in Europe. The company’s production capacity totals three million bottles per day, while its products are distributed in 173 countries worldwide. With excellent results and major plans, LGCF is this year celebrating two decades of operations in Serbia

Our market desires education and innovation, and we are here to provide that, together with our partners, through training courses, wine tastings and wine evenings. We try to ensure that the staff who sell our wines are sufficiently trained to present them in the right way to clients from the hospitality sector and consumers.

LGCF has been present in Serbia for 20 years. How many brands does your portfolio in our country currently include?

LGCF logo– In our portfolio available to consumers in Serbia there are about 300 different labels, or 200 different brands of wine and spirits in all pricing categories. When it comes to the portfolio, I must emphasise that, in addition to the top French wines that we produce, we also offer consumers Grand Cru Classe wines, as well as wines from other wine regions, such as those of Chile and California, which are extremely well received in Serbia.

Where can all your wines be found? Only in exclusive restaurants and wine shops, or are they also sold through the retail network? What sells best in our country?

– Our wines are available through all sales channels. And they occupy a significant place wherever they “appear”. When it comes to the retail sales channel, I would definitely single out the JP brands. Chenet, the world’s best-selling French wine, including in Serbia, Grand Sud, a wine from the south that people in Serbia rate exceptionally highly, Baron D’Arignac is present at a large number of celebrations, El Emperador, the best-selling wine from the new world in Serbia.

Our brands Agavita Tequila and Lordson Dry Gin are ranked among the top three brands in their categories in Serbia

I would certainly single out the proud representatives of France in restaurants nationwide throughout our country – Chateau Lestage Simon and Chateau Cantin from Bordeaux, Domaine de la Ville de Colmar from Alsace, Domaine de Tholomies from the south of France, Moillard from Burgundy and many others.

To what extent are our fellow citizens wine connoisseurs, and how much do people in the hospitality sector know? Are we prepared to learn? What is your favourite wine and which part of the world does it come from?

– The average consumer in Serbia is far from an educated consumer, but there is a clear desire and intention to learn. If we compare the current level of knowledge with the level from a few years ago, progress is evident. Previously only people like sommeliers were interested in wines and the wine scene, while now we have consumers from whom even we can learn a lot.

There is also noticeable progress when it comes to the hospitality sector, as they show a willingness to invest in their employees. They are great hosts who love everything and bring joy to everyone. What they have to work on further is education. They also have to do additional work on the pricing policy, in order for wine not to become a product for the rich. It is absurd to pay more for a glass of wine in a restaurant than for dinner. I consider that as being one of the main reasons why the consumption of wine in Serbia is significantly below the level of consumption in other neighbouring countries.

I’m a big fan of red wines from the south of France, especially from the Minervois appellation. The level of alcohol, tannins and aroma are perfectly balanced to ensure they provide top wines. One such wine, which is sold in Serbia, is Domaine de Tholomies. And for times when the weather is nice I would recommend Fleurs de Prairie, a real summer wine that comes to us from Provence.


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