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Proud Of Every Project was established in 2002 in Belgrade. Emerging out of a small, local architecture studio, it has since grown to become a leading enterprise in the region, focusing on architecture and design services, as well as construction services

Over the course of the last 18 years of our valuable experience, we were able to form a hardworking team of approximately 200 employees, all of whom are professionals that are happy to successfully execute any type of jobs that our clients have for us.

There are very few companies from these lands that can boast of cooperating with the world’s biggest architectural firms, operations on four continents, and prestigious awards and acknowledgements. How can such results be achieved?

Success is achieved through knowhow, dedication and flexibility. is a company that’s dedicated to the constant improvement of its engineering personnel, in terms of harmonising with the highest international standards, which ensures our team is compatible in working with firms around the world. We are sufficiently flexible to adapt to various roles and are dedicated to implementing every task in the best way possible, within set deadlines and, first and foremost, to the satisfaction of our clients. We’ve achieved cooperation with firms from Europe, America, Asia and Australia, which provides huge motivation for us to continue collaborating with international colleagues and contributing to significant projects with the same enthusiasm and sense of satisfaction.

We consider our integrated approach to the design and execution of works to be our advantage, and our goal is to maintain and improve upon it as much as possible

Montenegro is becoming a destination for the world’s most demanding tourists, who don’t settle for anything less than the best. Were you thinking of just such guests when you worked on the Porto Montenegro project? Montenegro is a company that has been engaged on the development of the Porto Montenegro project since 2008, as a local consultant, local architect and the leading designer of all engineering phases of construction of the Ozana, Teuta, Zeta, Milena, Tara, Ksenija and Elena buildings, as well as the Regent Hotel. We are currently engaged as local architects and leading designers on the Boka Place project, which is part of the new phase of Porto Montenegro’s development. With the objective of satisfying all the needs of future users of the space, including the most demanding ones, our entire team of architects and engineers, as well as all specialised consultants, is constantly focused on identifying solutions that will contribute to improving Porto Montenegro’s offer in the best possible way. It has been a pleasure for us to monitor the development of Porto Montenegro for these many years and to contribute to ensuring that every subsequent project is implemented with the latest project solutions and systems that are aligned with modern technologies.

Lavander Bay

The fact that the Boka Place project fulfilled all conditions required for inclusion in the Economic Citizenship programme confirms that the design team succeeded in providing its contribution to offering even the most demanding users of the space appropriate real estate that adheres to the highest world standards.

Could you single out some of the other projects that you’re particularly proud of, both in Montenegro and other markets where you’re worked? Perhaps something that you’re currently working on?

We are proud of all of our projects, particularly the major international projects that we’ve participated in developing from initial idea to realisation, i.e., which we’ve been engaged on until the finalisation of construction. Apart from projects in the scope of the Porto Montenegro settlement, we’ve also implemented the projects Hotel One&Only Portonovi, in which we worked on developing the concept design of Denniston Architects, and the Marina Apartments Portonovi building, developing the concept design of RTKL London. We are particularly proud of the projects we’ve authored ourselves, such as Lavender Bay in Morinj and several authorial projects of villas and residential buildings in the coastal area, mostly in the Bay of Kotor. Our team of architects and engineers successfully implemented the project for the region’s largest shopping centre, Galerija Belgrade, in which we were also engaged as a local consultant, local architect and lead designer of all engineering phases of construction, which is a project we did by developing the concept design of Callison RTKL Los Angeles.

We are particularly proud of the Lavender Bay project in Morinj, as well as several villas and residential buildings in the coastal area, mostly in the Bay of Kotor doesn’t only deal with design and engineering… Could you tell us more about your company’s other segments? deals with the design and execution of construction works, the design and manufacture of joinery fixtures and fittings, as well as the design of lighting. In addition to important design and construction references, we are particular proud of the “design & build” projects in which we’ve incorporated our design and construction resources, including the design and manufacture of furniture and the design of lighting. In this way we’ve implemented significant projects, such as the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Belgrade, the BW Magnolia residential and commercial building, which we implemented by developing the concept design of RMJM Serbia, and the Buddha Bar restaurant in Belgrade, which we implemented by developing the concept interior design of Paris-based Design Wapler & Associés – DWA. We certainly consider our integrated approach to the design and execution of works to be our advantage, and our goal is to maintain and improve upon it as much as possible.

Porto Montenegro

How has the pandemic impacted on communication and service delivery processes?

The pandemic brought significant changes to the process of organising work, and it was essential to adapt quickly to the new circumstances, with the aim of adhering to agreed deadlines without negatively impacting on the quality of services delivered. Our design bureau, which boasts over a hundred architects and engineers, switched fully to the BIM 360 platform, utilising various communication and data sharing applications, which strengthened coordination in accordance with the principles of integrated design. The applying of modern technologies further eased cooperation with architectural firms from around the world, especially during the creative process and early design phases.

Jelena Puzović, Ph.D., Head of the JVP Srbijavode Public Relations and International Cooperation Sector

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