H.E. Demetrios A. Theophylactou, Ambassador Of Cyprus To Serbia

Explore Aphrodite’s Island With The Cypriot Ambassador

There are just a handful of places on the planet that offer travellers such a wide diversity of opportunities. The Mediterranean has myriad islands, but only one that’s called home by Aphrodite, the ancient Greek goddess of love

Situated at the crossroads of ancient civilisations, encompassing an area of 9,000 square kilometres and characterised by 9,000 years of culture and 11,000 years of history, Cyprus is the right island for the special interest traveller, but also the adventurous holidaymaker. It is a place to explore and discover unique leisure opportunities, to enjoy wonderful experiences and be tempted to try something new. With the favourable Mediterranean climate adding to the pleasure, Cyprus is the ideal destination throughout the year.

With its rich history as an anchor, Cyprus is also a thriving modern nation with a service economy that’s second to none across the whole region. Moreover, the Cypriot people, who are worldly and warm, are only too happy to share the beauty and charm of their island with visitors. Travellers can choose from an attractive range of accommodation, such as luxurious hotels with both local flavour and the highest international standards, quality tourist villas, agro tourism options and more.

The island is surprisingly compact and easy to explore. Between rugged mountain peaks and the shimmering coast, the special interest tourist will traverse pristine landscapes and rolling hills adorned with vineyards. Linger in idyllic villages, where the rhythm slows and there’s always time for another coffee. All across Cyprus you’ll have the opportunity to experience a distinctive cuisine composed of meze, small plates of everything from flame-grilled, delicately spiced meats to fresh vegetables and amazing cheeses, such as the famous halloumi (the savoury sheep’s cheese that can be grilled).

With Neolithic settlements that date back more than 11,000 years old, spectacular Greco-Roman ruins, such as the ancient theatre of Kourion, and medieval fortresses such as Kolossi, the list of treasures is endless and also includes the mysterious Tombs of the Kings, villas with colourful mosaic floors that are extensive and well-preserved

Whatever tempo you desire or special interest you have, Cyprus is uniquely poised to welcome you. Our beaches are not only beautiful, but also certified as being among the cleanest in Europe. And just a short drive from the crystal clear waters of our coast are the pine-clad Troodos Mountains, where wild mouflons roam and cedars grow, and gem-like churches and monasteries are replete with unrivalled Byzantine frescoes and icons. The Serbian traveller, in particular, will feel at home, as Cyprus is an ethereal and blessed land, with an impressive number of religious monuments that tell the story of the island’s path to Christianity. Beautiful Orthodox churches and monasteries, rooted in the strong Christian tradition, blend wonderfully with the island’s natural beauty, offering a unique experience to enjoy.

Kolossi Medieval Castle

Cyprus is also a haven for lovers of archaeology. Indeed, it is an endless source of fascination for archaeology enthusiasts. With Neolithic settlements that date back more than 11,000 years old, spectacular Greco-Roman ruins, such as the ancient theatre of Kourion, and medieval fortresses such as Kolossi, the list of treasures is endless and also includes the mysterious Tombs of the Kings, villas with colourful mosaic floors that are extensive and well-preserved. The island is studded with ancient Greek and Roman ruins, as well as sites dating back to the Neolithic period. The Roman period of the Bronze Age and the Byzantine period are both particularly well represented on the island.

There is certainly more to Cyprus than cultural treasures, however. Its natural landscapes and sunny climate provide the ideal setting for nature trails, adventure sports, cycling and mountain biking, bird-watching, hiking, rock climbing, underwater exploration and more. Set in the azure waters of the eastern Mediterranean, Aphrodite’s island is ready to welcome you regardless of the reason you’ve travelled here.

With this brief introduction, I would like to welcome you to the beautiful island of Cyprus, with its unparalleled history and culture, influenced by numerous civilisations and offering a unique mosaic of tastes to the special interest traveller. On the following pages, I will enable you to discover Cyprus and learn more about its natural beauty and archaeological treasures, while I will let you tailor your visit by selecting the interests and experiences that best suit you. Most importantly, I will let you choose your preferences, the time of year you would like to visit, and even your budget, by selecting among the ample opportunities on offer to experience something new, educational and exciting.

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