Through Listening to Needs to the Perfect Clay Tile Look!

Wienerberger Austria 2019

Architects have long since stopped viewing sloping roofs solely through their unsurpassed functionality and now refer to it as the “fifth facade”. As inspiration for this product, company Wienerberger asked architects, in Serbia and all across Europe, what kind of “fifth facade” they would like. Consideration of their responses led to development of the Tondach Inspira clay tile. Following comprehensive analysis of the responses, trails and presentations of test models to the region’s most prestigious architects, impressions were summarised and the final Tondach Inspira product was produced, which was proudly presented recently on our market. A completely innovative design, sporting extremely modern lines with high functionality, all aimed at raising the appearance of roofs to an entirely new level.

With building standards constantly rising and the needs and ideas of architects and investors becoming ever more creative, Wienerberger was faced with an extremely challenging task. According to company representatives, only the highest quality clay tile, with a modern design and high-tech process, can make something completely new and unrivalled. An entire team of experts from Wienerberger worked on developing the Inspira tile and the result wasn’t lacking.

Perfectly straight lines on the roof, with minimalist modernism, represent an absolute trend around the world and in our country. The tile’s dark shades enable architects to play creatively with the complete design of a building. The combination of these shades and the modern tile shape, along with interesting lighter shades of facades, serve to create a structure that won’t leave anyone feeling indifferent. If you also use the Terca facade brick or brick slip for the design of your facade, the effect you create will be truly amazing. First and foremost, there is no limit to your creativity.

Increasingly modern low sloping roofs don’t pose a problem for this tile. With a Tondach roof substructure with special requirements, created to high quality specifications, this tile is suitable for a roof with a slope exceeding an angle of 200 . Take advantage of the possibility of utilising additional living space in the loft area.

On the other side, we mustn’t overlook the fact that the basic function of a roof is to protect the building and to last for decades. That’s precisely why Wienerberger has not abandoned its basic guiding principle – QUALITY! With the Tondach Inspira tile, engineers have taken care to ensure it meets high standards of hardiness, durability and functionality. Sliding battens makes it very convenient to install and replace, while its dimensions and lightness contribute to the simplicity of installing, ensuring that it won’t be a problem for contractors to complete the roof very easily and quickly.

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