Skyline Belgrade, Serbia – Living The Highlife With Porotherm

Amazing mixed-used complex in Belgrade city centre

Skyline Belgrade

The iconic Kneza Miloša Street deserves a landmark ending that would become a place for everyone in the city to recognise and enjoy” Project Architect, Ami Moore, a famous Israeli architect and the creator of projects implemented in more than 30 countries around the world. He is well-known to the Serbian public as the architect of Delta City shopping malls in Belgrade and Podgorica.

Skyline Belgrade, as a complex comprising three towers – a central business tower and two residential towers, will provide its future tenants with quality and safety at the very heart of central Belgrade, in the famous Kneza Miloša Street. Project investor AFI Europe has been present on the Serbian market since 2005 and and has proven with already completed projects – including the iconic Airport City Belgrade and Central Garden developments. The exclusive sale of apartments has been entrusted to Serbia’s leading real estate consultancy, CBS International, part of the Cushman & Wakefield Group.

Skyline Belgrade represents a 68,000sq m multi-use commercial and residential complex. The project encompasses 34,000sq m for residential use, 4,000sq m of retail space and 30,000sq m set aside for commercial spaces. The project Skyline Belgrade represents a unique complex, with an impressive size and in a prestigious location – in the area of the capital that’s known for its numerous diplomatic institutions.

In the first construction phase, Skyline Belgrade offers 134 apartments ranging from one-bedroom to four-bedroom apartment. Project realization is very fast and at this moment 80% of tower A is already finished, while the first residents can move in by the end of the year.

Wienerberger System was selected by the Skyline investor and architect for the wall segment, to fulfil high quality and future living standards.


Exterior walls – Porotherm 20 S

Partition walls between flats -Porotherm 25 AKU 

Partition walls -Porotherm 11.5 Profi & Porotherm 10 Profi build with Dryfix.Extra

All Porotherm products are made from natural clay and contribute to increased energy efficiency by providing the most natural form of insulation. Clay, as a natural building material, also creates a very healthy and pleasant environment, producing natural humidity regulation in rooms. The benefits of such a system are that rooms are naturally ventilated, pleasantly cool in the summer and warm in the winter. In addition to all of this, natural clay blocks have good anti-seismic characteristics and Wienerberger Porotherm S bricks provide supreme seismic characteristics. Special acoustic blocks retain all the positive characteristics of clay and add excellent sound insulation, which is becoming ever more important for urban living. Clay blocks are a sustainable and fire resistant material that lasts almost forever.

From this perspective, the investor and architect of this project at the heart of Belgrade, fully supported by the Wienerberger Technical Sales department in Serbia, decided to use Porotherm solutions from the initial stage. Wienerberger’s support didn’t only include technical expertise from the company’s team, but also a live demonstration of the Porotherm system itself.

A special focus was placed on the creation of superior living standards, energy savings and acoustics. The Wienerberger Acoustic system with Porotherm 25 AKU was certified by the Serbian Institute for materials and, as such, has superior characteristics on the Serbian market. Porotherm Profi ground brick solutions with Dryfix were chosen due to their thermal properties, fast bricklaying process, reduced labour costs and the fantastic flatness of wall surfaces, which have a huge impact on reducing the consumption of plaster.

Wienerberger provides constant support on the construction site, in order to enhance the customer experience and the satisfaction of the investor, architect and construction company.