Preserving Austrian Heritage

The Federal Monuments Authority Austria (FMAA) protects and maintains the material cultural heritage of Austria and demonstrates the social importance of this task

Monuments bring the past to mind, form our cultural landscape, are part of our identity and an important element of the image of our country as well as a significant factor in economy and tourism.

The FMAA is the professional instance that protects the cultural heritage of Austria by law and assumes the responsibility for the preservation of the monuments. It is not only a professional authority but also a service agency that spreads the necessary historical and technological knowledge and strives to be open to requests and suggestions. The primary aim is to preserve in an authentic and undiminished way cultural heritage which is an irreplaceable capital for the future.

Graz Central Square

The image and reputation of Austria are formed considerably by the enormous richness of its monuments. Monument protection and care also represent a commitment to the cultural diversity of Europe and the world. Preservation and maintenance of monuments form an essential factor in the Austrian economy. The FMAA lists monuments and puts them under monument conservation. It researches and documents archaeological heritage, decides on export and whereabouts of moveable monuments and is responsible for monument care including structural alterations, restoration, conservation and maintenance of listed buildings.

Rathaus Old Town Hall

The FMAA strives to arrive at a consensus with the monument owners regarding conservation and use of the monuments.

Around 200 staff members try to ensure the preservation of the monuments in cooperation with owners, states, municipalities, dioceses and the many highly specialised experts.