Tradition With A Future

Melanija Pavlović, General Manager, Baumit Serbia d.o.o.

Melanija Pavlović, General Manager, Baumit Serbia d.o.o.

Something that began in 1810 with a lime kiln was to go on to develop into one of Europe’s most successful building materials brands. In 1988, the creation of the Baumit brand was sealed via a collaboration between two Austrian building materials companies, and today Baumit is a pioneer in the field of External Wall Insulation (EWI).

Baumit is a leading building material brand in Austria. Indeed, over the past twenty years, it has become one of the strongest industrial brands in Europe. Baumit products cover a wide range, including plasters, renders, mortars, screeds and paints for construction (new builds and renovations), with everything from private family homes to industrial facilities produced and sold under the Baumit brand.

The name “Baumit open – the climate façade” stands for continuous research and development for a new generation of thermal insulation. With Baumit external thermal insulation composite systems, we set sustainable ecological trends for the future. As of 2012, our colour expertise in both interiors and exteriors has been underscored with the most comprehensive range of shades for façades in Europe, using the new Baumit Life colour system.

With almost 40 years’ experience in Germany, Austria and numerous CEE countries, Baumit supplies over three million square metres annually in Germany alone. Baumit products satisfy quality standard EN ISO 9001and correspond to all valid national and EU requirements.

The Baumit EWI System is a fully integrated system offering the widest design choice available to customers. The system encompasses all insulation, adhesives, base coats, reinforcing meshes, primers and finished coats, window seals, beads and accessories.

Baumit has been operating in Serbia since 2002, with headquarters in Belgrade. Baumit launched its production in Serbia in early 2006, at its own factory in Aranđelovac, where part of the production programme is produced. Baumit also joined Slovenian company Kema in 2013, so the two brands of Baumit and Kema now offer wide and innovative systems of products. Façades, mortars, screeds, adhesives for ceramic tiles and marble, industrial and epoxy floors, special products and interior decoration products represent just a small part of the entire product portfolio.

Serbia is strategically important for Baumit and within the domestic market we see great potential and space for both us and our products

Baumit products meet all the requirements of both the domestic market and European markets. The quality management system applied at Baumit Serbia includes all measures for achieving and maintaining the constant quality of all products manufactured and sold, in accordance with EN ISO 9001.

On 22nd August 2017, the Wopfinger Group took over 100% of shares of Wietersdorfer Baustoff. This means that all locations and company shares, as well as trademark rights to Baumit and KEMA, are now bundled in w&p Baustoffe GmbH.

Company Schmid Industrieholding GmbH, headquartered in Waldegg/Wopfing (Austria), is a conglomerate of the building materials sector. This company group generated sales of €1.4 billion in 2016 and has 5,100 employees. The Group’s most important revenue drivers today include materials such as lime and cement, façade systems, plasters and screeds, construction chemicals and insulation materials. Schmid Industrieholding brings together more than 90 companies in 22 countries, including Baumit subsidiaries, Wopfinger Baustoffindustrie, Austrotherm, Murexin, Lorencic and Wolf Plastics.

Integration into Schmid Industrieholding will bring growth and further development for Baumit Serbia over the next five years. With the new spirit and the strong support of its Austrian headquarters, Baumit will also initiate new investments in its production plant in Aranđelovac and sees great potential on the Serbian market and its surroundings.