The Biggest Real Estate Investor in the Region

MPC Properties: World Class Real Estate Platform

MPC is currently investing 250 million euros in new development projects, all located in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia: office buildings Ušće Tower Two, Navigator Business Center 2 and BEO Shopping Center, the openings of which are planned for 2020. These investments encompass a total of 221,000m2 of gross building area

MPC Properties is the largest real estate development company in Serbia and region, with more than 30 projects established since the company’s foundation in 2002.

Primarily dedicated to investing and managing real estate with the crucial aim of increasing value through active initiatives, MPC Properties’ development strategy defines new standards.

The company currently owns and manages a portfolio of retail and office assets located in prime spots in Belgrade, including the UŠĆE Shopping Centre, the best performing shopping centre in the region, Ušće Tower One, the business landmark of Belgrade, Navigator Business Center, a modern, A-class office complex with LEED certification, and many others.

MPC Properties is a long term player in the SEE region with deep market knowledge, broad deal experience and extensive contacts. An aspect that differentiates MPC Properties from the competition is that the entire senior management team has prior experience of successfully delivering on investments in the region. For them, their job implies not only the development of the real estate, but also the management of the constructed property, and it is therefore extremely important that the MPC Properties buildings are sustainable, functional and harmonised with the principles of green construction.