We are Raising Standards and Shifting Boundaries

Nataša Bugarinović, Head of Technical & Development, Office Division, MPC Properties

Natasa Bugarinović

MPC Properties integrated its rich experience of the development and management of the real estate during the process of designing the concept for two new, exceptional business buildings – Ušće Tower Tower Two and Navigator Business Centre 2.

The actual names of these facilities indicate that they relate to a continuation, or second phase, of existing projects.

Our existing projects – Ušće Tower and the Navigator Business Centre – already occupy leading positions in the offer of business premises in Belgrade and Serbia due to their high quality and characteristics.

MPC’s company strategy is to construct state-of-the-art business premises that are harmonised with the world’s highest standards. We are a company that thinks strategically and long-term, and we don’t compromise when it comes to building quality and sustainability, investing more than the competition in the actual construction of buildings, which were recognised for on the market. This doesn’t only imply the development of the real estate, but rather also the management of the same property, which ensures that it is extremely important for buildings to be sustainable, functional and aligned with the principles of green construction.

The Navigator is the first office building in Belgrade to receive the LEED BD+C 2009 Gold certificate, new construction. Considering that our company follows the entire life cycle of the property, I must stress that the adopted concept of green construction already yielded tangible results during the first phase of the Navigator’s construction. It is the property with the lowest operational costs – costs of electricity, heating, cooling and water – in Belgrade. It also has a high-quality working environment, with more fresh air and lots of natural light.

While working on the Navigator we used the highest quality materials and eco-friendly paints. We are continuing with the same rhythm, so we are now in the process of gaining certification for Ušće Tower Two and the Navigator Business Centre 2. Ušće Tower Two is certified in accordance with the BREEAM standard, with the goal being a rating of excellent, while the Navigator Business Centre 2 is in the process of gaining LEED certification, with the aim being the GOLD certificate.

During designing our properties, the standards of A classification represent a minimum. Moreover, the principles of green construction are also a requirement, as well as our know-how and experience in property management and innovation, in order for properties to be unique on the market.

With the aim of integrating all of the aforementioned, we – as investors – engage leading and experienced designers who provide innovative and optimal design solutions during the creative process. Ušće Tower Two and the Navigator Business Centre 2 are important projects for us, for which we organised contests that served to select the best design solutions and exceptional design teams.

Specifically, for the design of Ušće Tower Two, we hired Chapman Taylor for the architecture work and BuroHappold for project installation. It was actually the leading engineers of BuroHappold who provided a proposal for new natural ventilation technology that will be installed for the first time in Serbia in our Ušće Tower Two project.

Climatic conditions in Serbia are ideal for applying this natural ventilation system. This is an energy-efficient product of leading UK company Passivent, which will enable the flooding of fresh air into space at any time, with just one push of a button.

All necessary supporting contents will be secured within both the Ušće and Navigator complexes, such as a restaurant, fitness centre and green relaxation zone, but also cultural contents and much more.