Vladimir Čupić, Director of the Atlantic Grupa Representative Office for Serbia

Realistic & Ambitious Plans

Atlantic Grupa, which employs in excess of 5,300 workers in the region and 12 other countries around the world, has - after 27 years of efficient and sustainable operations - become one of the largest and most successful food companies in the region, and a significant player on the European and global markets

Following a successful 2017 during which excellent results were achieved – despite the challenges – across all parameters, and in terms of profitability the most, reports from the first quarter of 2018 confirm that Atlantic Grupa is on track to continue working to high standards, thus confirming the group’s healthy and sustainable long-term growth.

Alongside the region and the European market, Atlantic Grupa has launched its expansion to other continents. What are your immediate plans on these competitive markets?

– We have already swum across the ocean and reached America with “Argeta”, one of our brands that has the greatest international potential. Late last year we launched the local production and distribution of “Argeta” for the entire territory of North America, and this investment proved to be justified already by the first quarter of this year when sales reached the level achieved for the whole of 2017.

Although our plans are generally ambitious, we primarily plan responsibly and realistically. We link most of our operations to the region and are extremely proud of our strong brands. We have just achieved outstanding success with “Argeta” and are the first in Austria and Switzerland, which is no mean feat.

Atlantic Grupa achieved total sales revenue of €152.4 million in the first quarter of 2018, which represents growth of three per cent compared to the same period last year

Our focus is on further strengthening the position of our recognisable regional brands, developing distribution operations, strengthening existing principals and acquiring new ones, expanding our regional HoReCa portfolio and continuing the internationalisation of operations with those brands that have proved able to be on par with the global competition, and those are primarily “Argeta”, “Donat Mg”, “Cedevita” and “Bakina Tajna”.

On which markets does Atlantic Grupa achieve its best results?

The company grew on almost all of its main markets and in all of its operational areas last year. The highest growth in the first quarter of this year was recorded in Slovenia – a record 15.3 per cent, followed by Croatia, with 11.5 per cent growth, and Serbia, which grew at an annual rate of 9.4 per cent. Viewed in terms of product categories, coffee – with a 20.7 per cent share of total revenue – represents the largest single category, with total sales revenue of €147 million.

Atlantic Grupa last year achieved total sales revenue growth of 3.9 per cent. What do you expect from 2018? What is shown by first-quarter results?

Atlantic Grupa achieved total sales revenue of €152.4 million in the first quarter of 2018, which represents a growth of three per cent compared to the same period last year. We have achieved enviable revenue growth on all significant markets, demonstrating our undiminished focus on the development of our own range, as well as on the development of distribution operations. A further reduction in debts, significantly reduced financial costs and growth in liquidity all enable us to concentrate on planning future growth even more ambitiously.