Startup kidZ Challenge: The Great Challenge for Small Entrepreneurs

Startup kidZ Challenge Ušće 2019

Prepare for Startup kidZ Challenge powered by Ušće. School hasn’t started yet, but the adventure season doesn’t have to come to an end!

Startup kidZ and Ušće Shopping Center are organizing a unique experience “Startup kidZ Challenge powered by Ušće” for the elementary school students from 22 to 29 September to work together and make their school year even better, more productive and successful.

For the first time, all children between 9 and 13 years old will have the opportunity to awaken innovators in themselves and use their skills to solve business problems, with the assistance of the professional staff with extensive experience in large domestic and international companies.

The project will encourage children to step out of their comfort zone and go through the entire creative process of creating a startup – from idea, prototype design and promotional design to sale.

The task of experienced mentors, including some of the innovation leaders from the domestic market Nikola Mehandžić (Mastercard), Maja Vezmar Ristić (Societe Generale banka), Nela Milošević, (FON), is to bring kids closer to the creative process of the emergence of a business idea and to prepare them for presentation in front of the jury.

Kids can apply individually and in teams. Applications will be online and open from 25 August to 15 September via LINK.

The goal is to stimulate the entrepreneurial spirit and innovative thinking in children and to help them to use their new experiences use in school, in presenting materials, drafting projects and in the widest possible situations where they are expected to take initiative.

Startup kidZ is innovative entrepreneurship for kids, started by #4mame because they understood the changes and wanted to prepare their kids for the new rules of the game where initiative and an entrepreneurial mindset are paramount. Their experience came from large corporations, which required them to treat their positions and tasks as if it were their personal business, to see a broader picture than the usual “job description”.