SBERBANK Srbija JSC 2018

Foreign trade

Since first appearing on the Serbian market, Sberbank Srbija has been paying special attention to foreign trade and constantly improving its range of services in that domain. Contributing significantly to this fact is certainly the parent bank’s long-term presence in the area of foreign trade, particularly in terms of trade-related to the territories of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).

As a direct result of these activities, we have recognised significant participation in total foreign trade and transactions in Russian roubles, with a continuous growth tendency, thus confirming Sberbank Srbija’s strategic orientation when it comes to cooperation with companies focused on the Russian and CIS markets.

As the latest programme in this domain, in cooperation with members of the Sberbank Group, the “Bridge” project has been launched and should provide the desired level of expertise and enable adequate instruments and mechanisms for financing foreign trade activities.

It is worth noting that the strategic orientation of Sberbank Srbija is not only directed towards the region of Eastern Europe, rather this bank has for many years been nurturing excellent relations through cooperation with clients from EU member states, which has similarly been enabled by continuous cooperation with numerous international correspondent banks in the EU.

Solution for secure exports

Sberbank Srbija’s solution for secure exports is intended for exporters to the Russian market who want to protect against currency risk and simultaneously always ensure they have a guaranteed amount of cash in euros or dinars. Take advantage of the special benefits of this package of products and secure more reliable cash flow planning, as well as transactions covered by credit insurance, ensuring more secure collections of your claims against buyers of your export products. The advantages of the solution for secure exports include:

– Termed sale/purchase of foreign currency that ensures funds at a pre-agreed exchange rate in euros or dinars, regardless of exports being conducted in roubles (RUB);

– Credit lines indexed in roubles (RUB), which allows transactions to be realised in the event of late payments by foreign buyers;

– Credit insurance, which represents insurance on the collection of receivables with the support of the Serbian Export Credit and Insurance Agency (AOFI).

Documentary operations

Whether you’re engaged in international trade or deal in the sale of goods and services in the country, Sberbank possesses a wide palette of documentary operations products. All types of guarantees are at your disposal: for securing the payment of obligations, for the repayment of advances, tender guarantees, task performance guarantees, guarantees for the fulfilment of obligations within agreed deadlines, customs guarantees and counter-guarantees.

Consulting services

Our team of experts will select the most favourable method of providing security and payment for you and your foreign trade needs, along with highly professional consulting services related to the sale of goods and services both in the country and abroad, the selection of appropriate financial products, the optimisation of contractual clauses and preparation of draft texts of letters of credit and guarantees.


If you sell goods or services with deferred payment of up to 180 days, have long-term cooperation with your customers/debtors, and require additional working capital – factoring is the ideal solution for you. Financial resources are at your disposal immediately after the sale of receivables to the bank, which takes care of collection in your place and maintains records of receivables. You also have insurance on the collection of receivables available in certain instances.