NLB Bank working time changes

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As of today, all of NLB Bank’s branches in Serbia are shortened, from 9 am to 2 pm. This is another measure that NLB Bank Belgrade is implementing in order to contribute to the fight against the spread of virus coronas in our country.

“We at the NLB Group have been closely monitoring the epidemiological situation in regards to the coronavirus outbreak in the region. Our goal was to adequately prepare for the possible spread of the epidemic by sharing information and practices,” said Branko Greganović, Chairman of the Executive Board of NLB Bank Belgrade.

“We believe that our clients also implement similar safeguards in their homes and workplaces, so we urge clients to contribute themselves to preventing the spread of the virus by conducting transactions with the bank via electronic and mobile banking, paying with payment cards, using ATMs to raise money when they need it. We set the rules of conduct in the branches, aimed at protecting both our clients and our colleagues, ”added Greganović.