Nikola Jevtić, Director, Alti Logistika, Belgrade

Driving By Added Values

Using the right synergy of experience and know-how, they reached the top in just two years , and they intend to stay there.

Nikola Jevtić, Director, Alti Logistika, Belgrade

Using the right synergy of experience and know-how, they reached the top in just two years, and they intend to stay there.
Founding the company was preceded by a thorough market survey, analysis of the competition, drafting of a strategy and business plan, all of it indicating that despite a seemingly saturated sector, there was still room for another company that would work differently and bring new value systems into the field of logistics.

Unlike many others, our beginning was not difficult. The secret may be that we were ambitious but realistic. We recognized that our opportunity lies in increasing the existing values of doing business and adding one more – a moral one, as our people would say – a human value, and then “the sky’s the limit”. Our customer relationship management at this point is well developed, says Nikola Jevtić, Director of the Alti Logistika Company, to CorD. Our credo is not B2B, but H2H – human to human. This applies both to our relationship with business partners – clients and with our employees. Work must be done with quality, and interpersonal relationships must be nurtured, says Jevtić.

In a practical sense, management activities that shape the climate of the organisation, human behaviour in work, and dedication to the organisation must be the default in the relationship with business partners, i.e. clients. This kind of approach sets us apart from the competition and results in us achieving top-level success regarding the quality of service.

The rule in Alti Logistika is that reactions and processing times are rapid, information is always to be discovered before anyone else does so, because time is an irreplaceable resource and an indicator of success. Particular attention is given to cooperation with the SME sector. Their needs for our services are not great, but they are constant, and their number is continually increasing.  They were, and always will be a stable part of AltiLogistika’s business, says Jevtić.

To be successful in logistics means the business represents both an economic and an ethical dimension in equal measure. Just and fair treatment of business partners, clients, as well as employees is particularly important, because it represents higher moral standards for doing business than those provided by laws and regulations.

Alti Logistika provides full logistical services, international transport, customs representation, warehousing and distribution. The emphasis is on international road transport in Eastern and Western Europe, Russia, and Turkey, but they also respond to any specific client requests. Contemporary logistics is not merely the distribution of goods from point A to point B; it requires competent experts that will plan, organise and implement the entire operation with constant control of the flow of implementation. This kind of approach to business partners leads us receiving the epithet of an organisation with equal standards of quality of service both towards small, as well as large organisations.

The path of company development has been precisely set a long time ago. A target and a budget have been designated for each year. During the first year, we wanted to position ourselves on the market and achieve a positive result, and this was a year outside the comfort zone of doing business, in accordance with the times.

During the second year we repeated our success from the first, but to a greater extent, thus setting a basis for mid-term plans. After two years we have achieved significant growth, and we intend to maintain it in the future. During this year, in addition to organisational and human resource development, we plan to introduce contractual logistics. We also have plans for our own logistics centre, when the time is right.

The “Alti Logistika” company had a well-regarded presence two years in a row at the “Transport and Logistics in South-Eastern Europe and the Danube Region” conference and received the “Brand Leader Award” twice.