Nenad Inđić, M&I Systems Co. Group

Roadmap For The Digital Business World

We are witnessing changes to the world we know. The dimensions of those changes are huge, their directions unexpected, their dynamics unpredictable and digitalization is their main driver

“The world is becoming digital. These facts are the foundation of M&I Systems’ business and they represent the essence of the Company’s mission:  We create value for our clients and partners by developing and implementing innovative IT solutions, our vision is to empower our customers to transform their business by becoming digital, and the core of our strategy is MIS DIGITAL,”  says Nenad Inđić, to CorD 

M&I Systems’ business activities include valorisation of companies and finding the most efficient solutions for business improvement. What are the starting parameters for cooperation?

A condition for successful cooperation is the positive answer of a potential client to all of the following questions:

– would you like your existing IT systems to ‘talk to each other’?

– would you like to turn your IT system into an advantage for your business?

– would you like to digitize your business logic?

– would you like to transform your data and processes into an intelligent decision support system?

– would you like to turn your business digital? 

What are your priorities in client cooperation, and what can clients expect from you?

We treat all our clients as partners and we strive to build long term relations with them, based on mutual trust. In order to succeed, the first requirement and our utmost priority is customer satisfaction. Our clients can expect agreed work to be carried out within the agreed time and budget frames, a high quality of service, excellent knowledge of business processes, qualified experts (consultants and developers), adaptability of technologies, excellent communication skills, constant growth and expansion of M&I Systems’ products and services portfolio, competitive prices, …

  We treat all our clients as partners and we strive to build long term relations with them, based on mutual trust

What is the importance of the valorisation process of human resources, especially management, to the business improvement of the company?

The statement that the staff are the most valuable resource of any company is much more than just a phrase so it is essential for any company to have an excellent human resources management system. M&I Systems has developed a special software solution, MIS.Discovery, based on the Rummler-Brache model, which uses defined objectives and performance measures, design and implementation, and management, to enable managers to measure and manage performance at the level of organization, process and work, thus improving the company’s business operations. MIS.Discovery consists of two components: MIS.TWP (Team Work Performer) and MIS.HRIS (Human Resources Information System).

MIS.TWP enables a manager to continuously validate their capacity and ability for a high performance level, and to improve and develop them constantly:

  • to implement the Management By Objectives (MBO) concept;
  • to improve their processes, transcribe them into projects and plans, and perform their execution in an effective and cost efficient manner;
  • to create operational work schedules, and to influence their implementation in production;
  • to monitor, measure and continuously improve team performance and individual performance;
  • to implement an integrated management system for team performance and individual performance;
  • to monitor operational performance as a real-time workflow.

MIS.HRIS is an integral human resources management solution,  consisting of organizational management (organization design, human resource requirement planning, evaluating the operation of the organization); staff administration (employee personal data, addresses, contract types, working hours, education, basic wages, reports on the structures of employees, groups and subgroups of employees, human resources operations: employment, internal redistribution, sabbatical, retirement, leaving the organization, re-employment); talent management (recruitment, selection and vocational adjustment, development, professional development); performance management (planning and realization of annual goals, employee reports on their own performance, planning and monitoring of performance achievements, assessing, analysing and improving employee performance); web portals for talent management, web portals for staff and web portals for managers.

  Quality of selection, suitable training and continuous professional development, improvement, education and staff assessment, based on our MIS.Discovery software, are of great importance 

Are you finding enough good quality workers for various industry sectors, and how big a role in that process is played by good selection and training?

No, the market is lacking in the educated, experienced and skilled workers that we need. Quality of selection, suitable training and continuous professional development, improvement, education and staff assessment, those are the essentials. In this we are largely assisted by the above-mentioned MIS.Discovery software.


Many companies in Serbia, especially large enterprises and investors, independently recognize dual education as a way to acquire a high quality workforce from local communities, though Serbia has not yet institutionalized this system of training and retraining. What is the view of  M&I Systems on dual education?

M&I Systems has already implemented our own kind of dual education system. We are offering free theoretical and practical training courses in areas related to our business sector for talented young people in their final years of secondary school or college. After completing the training and passing tests on the knowledge acquired, the best among them stand a good a chance of being employed at M&I Systems after graduation.