METRO Cash & Carry Serbia marks Own Business Day celebrating entrepreneurs

Andre Rinnensland, generalni direktor Metro Cash Carry RS

The Own Business Day, the annual initiative dedicated to increasing the visibility and recognition of millions of entrepreneurs worldwide, was celebrated for the fourth time in a row in Serbia on October 8th 2019, with a unique Gastro Party held in METRO in Zemun.

In order to gain a better understanding of the experiences of independent entrepreneurs, as well as how independent businesses are seen by the general public, METRO conducted a global study. The results showed, among other things, that as many as 80 per cent of consumers surveyed would like more standalone stores in their environment.

Similarly, as many as 39 per cent of consumers consider independent business an important factor for the development of the local economy, while only 14 per cent said this applies to large companies. All this indicates that there is a significant tendency for people to do independent business.

Research has also shown that the economic situation in most countries is not ideal for developing independent businesses, and as many as 44 per cent of entrepreneurs say they are struggling with this problem, but still, 91 per cent would choose to start their own business again.

METRO Cash & Carry Serbia marks Own Business Day (1)
Such results clearly support the fact that independent business and entrepreneurial spirit should be constantly supported and conditions created for their progress and more stable development.

Own Business Day initiative strives to support independent businesses through various activities, above all via free promotion on a specially designed digital platform, aimed at giving them greater visibility and outreach in what they do.