Mastercard® provides premium and business cards users exclusive ads at KupujemProdajem

Mastercard Kupujem prodajem

Mastercard and “KupujemProdajem” created the Golden Ad in a joint campaign, a benefit for users of Mastercard Business, Platinum and Gold cards, which allows them even more ad views on “KupujemProdajem”

mastercard kupujemprodaje“KupujemProdajem” is the biggest platform for shopping and selling in Serbia, that has 1,5 million regular users. On the platform you can buy and sell basically everything – in every moment there are over 2,5 million active ads, in different categories’’, said Velibor Antić, director of development at “KupujemProdajem”.

’’Mastercard recognized the users of premium and business cards as entrepreneurial, digitally advanced, that often have the need to advertise and promote their services or products online. On the other hand, we recognized “KupujemProdajem” as a partner and a platform that gathers and gives value to a large number of these users. We believe that the users of Mastercard cards will see the value the Golden Ad has and we hope that it will help their business and the quality they provide to be more visible, which means they will reach their customers easier’’, said Nemanja Petrović, director of business development at Mastercard.

With this promotion, ad users will find themselves in the very top groups on Buy For Sale, above all other promotional ads. In addition, it is striking in its striking design.

Mastercard Business, Gold and Platinum Card users in Serbia can get to Golden Ads faster and easier, with special conditions created just for them. Anyone who uses one of these cards to pay for the promotion of „KupujemProdajem“ promotion services will be entitled to convert their ads into Golden Ads within the next 30 days. After each such payment, the 30-day deadline begins from the beginning.