Iosif Vangelatos, General Manager, Inos Balkan

Ready For Expansion

Inos Balkan ended 2017 with record sales and managed, despite market challenges, to maintain the strategic placement of its group of companies in Serbia, and is now already planning further expansion

Iosif Vangelatos, General Manager, Inos Balkan

INOS BALKAN is one of the leading companies dealing with metal recycling in Serbia, while it has been engaged in processing and trading in black and non-ferrous scrap metals since 1951.

How much has the recycling market changed over the previous decades?

– A wide range of factors has influenced the recycling market significantly at the national and international levels. The liberalisation of the Serbian market in the 1990s, the emergence of China as a global manufacturing giant and the EU’s legislative framework on the recycling of special streams are just a few of them.

The Serbian recycling market has attracted well-established international organisations but was impacted severely by investments and dis-investments in the country’s steel production and metallurgical sector.

How high are your annual capacities and with which markets do you cooperate?

– Inos Balkan ended 2017 with a record level of sales totalling 72,000 metric tonnes. Despite the non-tariff export burdens introduced in May 2017 and revoked in May 2018, we managed to maintain the strategic placement of our group of companies in Serbia and are already planning our expansion.

Our Serbian operations are serving industrial end-users of secondary raw materials in Serbia, Greece, Poland, Italy and Bulgaria. Solid finances, robust management and the high-quality of our products will be the key factors in the success of all our future steps.