Iosif Vangelatos, General Manager Inos Balkan

We Are Ready For The New Era

Thanks to investments of €11 million, the expansion of our recycling activities portfolio, and the huge knowledge of new owners, for the past 12 years Inos Balkan has achieved better business results

Iosif Vangelatos Inos Balkan

In the last few years, we have executed a wide reengineering of our operations, improving our logistics capability and efficiency. By acquiring the German-owned company ALBA, we increased our footprint in Serbia, and we continue planning for growth.

Despite Inos Balkan’s having existed for almost seven decades, the company’s rapid development only began in 2006, when the ownership was taken over by the Greek company, Anamet. Was their know-how just as important as their investment?

Viohalco Group (www.viohalco. com, a Euronext listed company) acquired the company in 2006 and set the trails for dynamic growth. That was certainly a milestone for the 67-year-old Inos Balkan.

Anamet s.a, the direct owner of Inos Balkan, has developed a wide portfolio of recycling activities such as Recycling Waste of Electric and Electronic Equipment, End of Life Vehicles, Alternative Derived Fuel Production and scrap cable processing. This invaluable know-how is available to us and will certainly guide our business steps in Serbia. Last but not least, Anamet has invested more than €11 million into our Serbian operations.

Furthermore, the recycling sector provides more than 10,000 jobs in Serbia with a huge growth potential. Among those jobs, there are many for highly skilled employees – i.e., engineers, environmental managers, Health and Safety technicians, etc

Inos Balkan is among the five biggest companies engaged in the local recycling industry. How much does this economic sector contribute to the overall export potential of the country?

The recycling sector in Serbia contributes € 120 million per year to the overall export potential of Serbia. In addition, our sector provides the local industry with secondary raw materials in the amount of € 135 million, securing regular flow and excellent quality.

All over the world and especially in the EU, circular economic principles are dictating future business models. New products, infrastructure, equipment and services, are designed and delivered based on the principals of long-lasting design, maintenance, repair, reuse, refurbishing, and recycling.

In the near future, Serbia will have to deal with environmental protection obligations arising from chapter 27 of the EU integration process and the required investments will be more than €15 billion. At Inos Balkan, we are anticipating those developments.

With a solid financial state, modern management, and robust engineering resources, we are ready for the new era. The Serbian placement is of strategic importance for our group, and our 12 years of presence in the Serbian recycling market will be further enhanced.