Digital textbook platform for students

The Fourth international Conference on Future Education

The publishing houses Klett, Novi Logos and Freska are opening their digital textbook platform for free use during an emergency.

All elementary school principals whose teachers (who teach under the reformed curriculum for the first, second, fifth and sixth grades of elementary school) wish to use the digital textbook platform, can submit a request for the creation of digital virtual classes at

The platform has a built-in Learning Management System (LMS) that enables:

• teachers to form a virtual class and organize distance learning (homework assignments, control tasks, written assignments, etc.);
• keeping track of students’ work (how much material has been received in the digital textbook, how many tasks have been done, etc.);
• work on all devices: desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones;
• work on operating systems: Windows, Android and iOS;
• work on all web browsers.

The order is not tied to one or two computers, as is the case with most other platforms. From any computer, the user accesses the same way.

Upon receipt of the request, we will contact the directors as soon as possible and they will receive detailed information on the procedure for forming virtual departments.