Dell EMC Networking Solution

Dell EMC’s vision builds on our earlier success as a pioneer in disaggregating computing hardware and software, offering an open network ecosystem in which organisations can pick and choose from a selection of innovative, industry-standard network applications, network operating systems and network hardware

Dell EMC Networking Solution

This open approach enables businesses to simplify their data centre and end-user networking through complete disaggregation, including disaggregating the operating system from the hardware, the virtual network from the physical network, and the control plane from the data plane.


Dell EMC’s data centre switching solutions are cost-effective and easy to deploy at any scale, from 1G to multi-rate 100G, for optimum connectivity both within rack or blade chassis and across the data centre. Our switching solutions also feature a choice of innovative Dell EMC and third-party software options to address virtually any enterprise or service provider use-case or environment.
Our networking solutions are closely integrated into Software-Defined-Storage scaleout solutions and converged infrastructure & hyper-converged infrastructure offerings.

Our latest line-up of 25G-enabled switches helps customers take advantage of the 25G connectivity that is increasingly available on server and storage platforms. And, along with this upgrade, customers are also upgrading fabric uplinks and the fabrics themselves, from 40G to 100G. These new networking speeds help customers achieve 2.5-times the throughput over existing 10G and 40G data centre connections.

The key elements that differentiate Dell EMC Networking data centre solutions include:

• Open networking offerings
• Cost-effective port connectivity
• Web scale operations
• Ease of management

We offer customers a rich set of fixedform factor and modular switching platforms with Power-over-Ethernet (POE) capabilities, to provide data connectivity and power to intended networked devices, sensors and cameras. We also offer a wide selection of both control-less, cloud-based wireless solutions and traditional controller-based access points.

Our latest N1100 Series is an energyefficient, cost-effective 1G and 10G family of switches designed for modernising and scaling customer end-user network infrastructure. These fully managed 1/10G Layer 2 switches with Open Networking capabilities cost up to 50 per cent less than competing products while providing up to 33% more port configuration options.

Key elements that differentiate of our Dell EMC end-user networking solutions include:

• Choice & flexibility
• Open networking
• Office-friendly
• Integrated management

Dell EMC Networking solutions can help your organisation – regardless of its size – to derive the full value out of your networking investments. We offer proven end-to-end solutions, comprehensive global services and a vision that sets the pace in a rapidly changing industry. Find out how we can help you and your network.