Construction of the Logistics complex KLP in Simanovci has began

The construction site was officially opened and laid the foundation stone of the most modern logistics complex KLP in Simanovci for the logistics needs.

KLP Logistic Center is located at the premium location in Simanovci along the highway E-70 and will contain 50000m2 of the modern warehouse for the needs of logisticians.

Phase 1 of 20000m2 will be completed in July 2019 and will be available to future renters, while in the same year the construction of the KLP 2 facility, already issued on a long-term contract, is one of the leading logistics companies in the world.

Also, plans are underway to start the work of the third facility, KLP 3, whose purpose will be multifunctional refrigerators and ADR also for rent.

The opening ceremony of the construction site and the laying of the foundation stone was attended by representatives of logistics, KLP management, the engineering team of contractors, management of the Municipality of Pećinci with the President of the Municipality, numerous media and associates of investors KLP.

The foundation stone was laid by Kosta Ginić, director of the company KLP and Mr Željko Trbović, President of the Pećinci Municipality.

Kosta Ginić, the director of KLP

The President of the Municipality of Pecinci emphasizes the pleasure of opening another construction site of the most modern standard which says that at the present moment in the Municipality of Pecinci several tens of thousands of square meters are in the process of construction, new investments and new jobs, and the Municipality of Pećinci is one of the most successful municipalities in Vojvodina.

Kosta Ginić, the director of KLP, said that they did not go through the way the building is going in the last few years, that is, the facility will be finished before the project. They have set aside a lot of time and money to make a quality project task from which a high-quality project came into being, and only then started the performance. The building is built according to the highest quality standards FM Global and LEED standards. Alongside the location, it belongs to CLASS “A” facilities for modern industrial facilities. Everything was done with the aim to provide future buyers with all the needs and desires to make their business better.

KL KLP emphasizes this: “Our goal is to raise the standards of logistics centers to a higher level, which due to our own needs in the used facility, and due to the needs of future logistics leaseholders, which will be more useful than this facility, also high we evaluate the operations of the Municipality of Pećinci, because, as we turn around in this industrial zone and see an empty field, at the next turn, a great business facility was nicknamed at that place, so I am sure that the facility KLP with all the standards it possesses besides logistics will be of special importance and the Municipality of Pećinci “.

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