Antonello Facchini, Creative Director Of Brand Barbolini

Belgrade’s Men Appreciate Italian Fashion

Antonello Facchini, creative director of Barbolini, often comes to Belgrade on business, but also because he likes the pace of development of our capital, its good restaurants with delicious food and beautiful women. Barbolini also plans to open new shops here, because men in Serbia show an increasing interest in fashion.

Antonello Facchini, Creative Director Of Brand Barbolini

Top fabrics, cuts, processing and creativity are timeless symbols of fashion and the need of modern men who are interested in aesthetics, quality and details. All Barbolini brand items bear the label “Made in Italy”, which distinguishes it significantly from the competition.

Are you visiting Belgrade for the first time?

No, no! I often come to Belgrade, whenever I find the time. Apart from business reasons, I also come because I think Belgrade is a very beautiful and exciting city. Incredible changes are taking place here, so every time I’m pleasantly surprised to see how your capital is developing and how many new projects are being implemented or planned. Moreover, people also eat great here and there are excellent restaurants, so I always try to fuse business and pleasure.

Tell us something about your brand.

Barbolini is a male brand. It was created through the transferring of the tailoring tradition from father to son, only for the factory production of trousers in the 1970s, via the complete production of garments in the 1980s, to lead to the emergence of the brand “Barbolini” as a total male look, with production expanded to also encompass shoes, shirts, sweaters, ties etc. What is very important is that all articles are produced entirely in Italy. So, everything is Made in Italy, which distinguishes us significantly from the competition.

You are the creative director of Barbolini. From where do you draw inspiration?

Commercial director Maurizio Grimaldi and myself are from Apulia, a region of sun and sea in the very south of Italy. The colours and scents of Apulia, as well as its long tailoring tradition, are my main sources of inspiration.

Belgrade’s men appreciate and follow Italian fashion; they are able to recognise top-quality materials, cuts and processing. Likewise, I think the relationship between quality and price is very good at Barbolini, which is very important today


In Belgrade, you have outlets in the Ušće, Delta City and Rajićeva shopping centres. Do you plan to open any others?

I must first note that we found an extraordinary partner in PROMODA, which is a company that deals with the import and retail of Italian garments in Serbia and the region. We share exactly the same values and vision for the development of the Barbolini brand. What is certain is that a Barbolini store will open this autumn in Novi Sad, in the “Promenade” centre. Moreover, we are also impatiently awaiting the opening of the grandiose new “Belgrade Waterfront” retail centre, because we will certainly be present there too. We are also considering a larger shop format.

Why only men’s fashion? What about women?

Uh, now you’ve found me out with a question… It is only by walking along Knez Mihailova Street that you can see how beautiful and well-dressed Serbian women are. Indeed, when I see such beautiful women, I want to design a collection for them. I am truthfully considering a women’s collection, but for now, that’s just a vision.