Aleksandar Hangimana, Director of ManpowerGroup for Serbia

External HR Service – a Strategic Partner

In modern business, the global trend for the HR sector to take a growing importance, and thus also the external HR service provider, is ever more present in our market

Aleksandar Hangimana, Director of Manpower Group for Serbia

ManpowerGroup is an American multinational company that started operating in Serbia in 2008. It has grown continuously since then, and today is the fastest-growing HR company in Serbia.

We spoke with Aleksandar Hangimana, ManpowerGroup’s director for the Serbian market, about the way his company develops relations with its clients and about the importance of developing partnerships between a company and an HR service provider.

“As a company that provides comprehensive, innovative and very complex staff solutions to companies in various industries, we try to provide added value to our clients who have already decided to trust us with their business, and become their strategic partner for all HR issues”, says Aleksandar.

What is the basis of your partnership with a client?

The moment the client and HR company begin to trust each other, they create a partnership. Trust cannot be assumed, it is built over time and then maintained. 

ManpowerGroup builds trust first and foremost by its transparent approach to the client and, of course, high-quality service without compromise. Open, two-way communication and absolute transparency of information and process is a key premise of our approach to the client. When the client senses your true wish to help them, when you are consistent, quick to react, but also realistic, you create two-way communication and trust that turns into a partnership.

Is the market changing for HR providers?

Certainly, our industry is very dynamic and constantly changing. We strive to be drivers of change – through a proactive approach and innovative solutions we want to be perceived by the client as a strategic partner, and not just an “agency”, and we manage to accomplish this. For example, it is not enough just to monitor legislative changes but for better to take part in them, and then to inform the client in good time about these changes and the implications they may have for their business.

The same is true for services. We try to listen to our clients, and not only react to their inquiries but prevent potential risks and offer solutions. Clients do not need the same solutions today as they did a few years ago – their needs, demands and expectations are different.

What does the company obtain by outsourcing one or more HR functions?

There are many benefits for the company, first of all, saving time and costs. Through outsourcing, the managers of certain activities can devote their attention to key processes and their company’s main business, and leave HR partly or completely to us who deal exclusively with these issues.

Knowing your market is one of the greatest benefits, especially when most companies compete for candidates on a limited market. Information that we consistently provide to the client is invaluable when making strategic decisions for their business.

Cooperation with an external HR provider helps improve the client’s brand – we are the ambassadors of our partners on the labour market and through direct and proactive communication with professionals on the market, we promote the values and brand identity of the client we work for.