Agreement on the Restoration of the oldest water taps in Zaječar

Agreement on the Restoration of the oldest water taps in Zaječar

The oldest water taps in Zaječar, the Memorial water tap in Oslobodjenje Square, will be restored thanks to the Agreement on the Revitalization of the Artesian water taps in the central square in Zaječar.

The agreement was signed by Zaječar Mayor Boško Nikić, president of the “Za česme” Association Aleksandar Marjanović and Nikos Zois, director of HEINEKEN Serbia, which operates a brewery in Zaječar.

By renovating the Memorial water tap in Zaječar Square, the Mayor of Zaječar believes that it presents an investment in the revitalization of the tradition and heritage of Zajecar and its surroundings.

“So far, three artesian water taps have been restored in Zaječar. I believe that we will successfully continue the revitalization of the city fountains as historical landmarks of our city and Timok region, “said Ničić.

Restoration of the oldest water taps in Zaječar

Zois stressed the importance of sustainable business and community investment, noting that the prosperity of the local community is important for both the society as a whole and Zaječar Brewery, which celebrates 125 years of work next year.

President of the Association “Za česme” Aleksandar Marjanović reminded that the Memorial Water tap on the Zaječar’s central square is the first in this city and the first tap with the water from the Zaječar artesian well.

More than 40 public artesian water taps are active on the territory of Zaječar, making it unique in Europe and the world for its rich drinking water.

The City of Zaječar, the Association “Za česme” and Zaječar Brewery have so far restored three historic artesian water taps in this city.