Vojvođanska banka introduces new measures due to COVID-19 virus

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Due to the declared pandemic of the COVID-19 virus and the state of emergency in Serbia, Vojvođanska Banka continuously monitors the recommendations of health experts and state bodies and has taken all necessary sanitary and safety measures and actions in a timely manner.

Vojvođanska Banka is fully committed to the goal of safeguarding the health of its clients and employees. It strives to provide all branches and business centres with hand sanitizers on a regular basis, while the employees strictly adhere to sanitary protocols concerning the disinfection of all surfaces, minimizing physical contact and frequent washing and disinfection of hands. Customer service staff are required to wear masks and gloves, while all ATMs are regularly disinfected.

Digital banking channels

In line with the appeal that less time is spent in contact with other people, especially with regard to the most vulnerable senior citizens, Vojvođanska Banka as a socially responsible company reminds all of its clients to use digital banking channels that allow you to do without going to the bank transactions required. All transactions can be made by electronic banking at a lower commission than when done at a branch. Electronic and mobile banking applications provides with a comfortable, secure and easy way to conduct financial transactions. All you need is internet access, mobile phone or computer and an active m-Banking or e-Banking application. Find out more at the following link for the retail segment, and for more information on the corporate and entrepreneurial segment, visit the link.