Call on medical workers from diaspora to help in fight against coronavirus

medical staff doctor coronavirus

The programme “Point of Return” (Tačka Povratka), in association with the Serbian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the diplomatic missions and consular posts of Serbia and with the support of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), invites free medical workers abroad to apply if they are ready to temporarily return to Serbia if necessary and help with their knowledge, experience and skills to combat the coronavirus epidemic in Serbia.

The invitation goes to all free health workers, physicians, nurses, medical technicians and other healthcare professionals located abroad to submit information about their availability, as well as about their specific professional knowledge and experience.

This information will be used to register capacity, establish cooperation and possible concrete volunteer engagement in providing assistance to the most vulnerable citizens as soon as possible.

The Serbian government, “Point of Return” Programme and the UNDP invite all those who wish to respond to this invitation to do so by completing the online form at the following address.

Contact person is Ivan Brkljac, director of circular migration programme – “Point of Return”, and can be contacted through e-mail or on telephone numbers +381 11 3050 540 and +381 60 6969 138.