Ivanka Popović, Ph.d. Chancellor of the University of Belgrade

Intelligent Evolution

Ivanka Popović, Ph.d. Chancellor of the University of Belgrade

We will remember the year behind us for the creation of very significant new international academic partnerships, for the setting of standards in cases of possible academic dishonesty and the adoption of laws that should improve the state of science in Serbia and advance the work of researchers. I expect us to also continue advancing in 2020.

The year that’s coming to end certainly hasn’t been a routine one, while it remains to be seen whether it was a revolutionary one. I’d rather talk about evolution than revolution. The past year has been significant for the University of Belgrade for many reasons. The Republic of Serbia became a programme country of the Erasmus+ programme, and the University of Belgrade, along with several other higher education institutions in Serbia, received the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education.

Transitioning from the status of partner country to programme country has created opportunities to increase the number of students, teachers, researchers and associates who will participate in international exchanges with foreign universities. The Law on the Science Fund and the Law on Science and Resear ch have been adopted, which provide an opportunity to improve the state of science in Serbia and to ensure the work of researchers under more dynamic conditions.

We Joined The Alliance Of Research Universities, Which Strives To Create Academic Partnerships Dedicated To Top Quality In Teaching And Research. This Is An Exceptional Opportunity For The University Of Belgrade

The University of Belgrade has been accepted, following an invitation, into the prestigious CESAER academic network, which is dedicated to excellence and collaboration in the technical and natural sciences. Of particular importance is the fact that the University of Belgrade became a member of Circle U, the European university alliance. In addition to us, its members also include the University of Oslo, Aarhus University, the University of Paris, the Catholic University of Leuven, Kings College London and Humboldt University in Berlin (https: // www.circle-u.eu/). This alliance of research universities strives to create academic partnerships dedicated to top quality in teaching and research. This is an exceptional opportunity for the University of Belgrade to advance all aspects of its work.

During this year we’ve continued negotiations with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, in order to finally resolve adequately the spatial problems of several UB faculties. I believe that during 2020 we will see the launch of the construction of new facilities. Preparations are underway for the European University Games in Belgrade, which we expect thousands of student athletes from all European countries to participate in during July 2020. This occasion will also see the University of Belgrade host the Chancellors’ Conference on University Sport, at which we host around 150 European university chancellors.

The previous period has seen the University of Belgrade devote a great deal of attention to developing procedures for cases of possible academic dishonesty. We finalised several such cases during this year, with which we demonstrated that UB can successfully address and overcome negative phenomena. In 2020 I expect UB to continue progressing and to use its activities to fulfil its role as a university of national importance.