Turkish Chefs Cook Up The Worlds Biggest Baklava

A group of chefs in Turkey claimed a world record for the largest baklava with a giant tray of the pastry dessert weighing over half a tonne, presented at a “Gastronomy Summit” in Ankara.

Mehmet Kanbur, who led the group of 14 chefs and is also the head of Turkey’s Mado patisserie chain, said the baklava weighed 518 kilos – more than doubling the previous record – and had been in the works for six months.
The feat was confirmed by a Guinness World Records official who monitored the event by video link, state-run Anadolu Agency reported. Baklava, whose origin is disputed between Turkey and Greece, is prepared with fresh pistachios or walnuts and a glistening honey glaze on top of the puffed pastry.