The Louvre Refuses To Display Too Sexually Explicit Sculpture

The Louvre Museum

Dutch art and design collective Atelier Van Lieshout describes their12 metres in height artwork ‘Domestikator’ as ‘a large scale artwork that serves as a totem, a temple and a beacon’. According to them, it symbolizes ‘the power of humanity over the world’.

artwork ‘Domestikator’
Artwork Domestikator

According to the world’s largest art museum, the Louvre, however, the sculpture is also too sexually explicit to be put on display.

The Louvre has decided to cancel the installation of the Domestikator, reports the New York Times.

The outline of the sculpture depicts copulation and was to go on view on 19th October in the Louvre’s Tuileries Gardens as part of Hors Les Murs, a public art program organized by the Fiac contemporary art fair.

On social media too, many found the decision to withdraw the Domestikator an unfair one.