The Médiévales Européennes Festival

Médiévales Européennes Festival, France

Every year (from 28 to 30 July) since 2010, the character town of Bitche, France has lived up to its reputation as the medieval crossroads of Europe.

The Médiévales Européennes festival has a range of banners, pennons and other decorations created especially for the occasion, in order to recreate the festive and lively atmosphere of the knightly times of old.

For a weekend, the medieval encampments, minstrels, troubadours, jugglers and other artists display their talent to create an old-time atmosphere for visitors to enjoy at Bitche citadel.

Medieval life thus makes a proud return to the lands of Bitche, which were occupied by over 300 artists from all over Europe, further emphasising the international spirit of this festival.

Visitors strolled among the stalls of the big medieval market to learn about the trades of yesteryear, travelling traders and products from bygone days.