Man Rescued From Inside Public Lavatory

Man Rescued From Inside Public Lavatory

Firemen in Norway came to the rescue of a man who climbed into an outdoor public toilet to retrieve a friend’s cell phone after he got stuck in the tank.

Cato Berntsen Larsen, 20, was able to climb through the toilet seat opening to recover the phone lying at the bottom of the outhouse but was unable to climb back out again.

“I was down there an hour, I was panicking,” he said, adding there were “animals” crawling on his body.

Overcome by nausea and vomiting, he tried in vain to pull himself off the tank, and which is only emptied once a year. He ultimately decided to contact the fire brigade to help end his ordeal in the small town of Drammen outside Oslo.

The rescue was a “first” for the local fire brigade, said fire brigade spokeswoman Tina Brock. “It was pretty full down there.”

The phone was not recovered.