Japanese Royal Express Train Revealed

Long renowned as the home of the shinkansen bullet train, Japan was strangely slow to compete with the likes of the Orient-Express by embracing unabashedly luxurious and languid rail travel

Commencing service on September 1 and plying a route that stretches between Yokohama and Shimoda City at the southern tip of the Izu Peninsula. The Royal Express offers its limited number of 100 passengers a variety of tours and itineraries. They can be accommodated and a multipurpose carriage can be adapted to guests’ needs should the train be chartered on an exclusive-use basis and used for a wedding, concert or the like. Unlike many luxury trains, children are welcome on board and can reside in familyfriendly carriages; a children’s library and ball pond are also on board to keep younger occupants entertained.

A one-way three-hour journey costs from €190 to €270, while extended overnight itineraries cost from €1,100 per person.