‘I’m Not Rude, I’m Just French’

'I'm Not Rude, I'm Just French'

Guillaume Rey, who worked at a Vancouver restaurant was sacked from his job at a restaurant for “aggressive” behaviour, but he insisting his approach to the job was simply down to him being French.

He said he carried out his duties at the eatery with an “honest and professional personality”, and disputed a claim he violated its code of conduct by acting aggressively towards his colleagues.

Mr Rey said he had garnered “great feedback from guests” and had been praised for being “very friendly and professional with his tables”. But the restaurant, owned by Cara Operations, accused Mr Rey of persisting with his allegedly unacceptable behaviour despite receiving verbal and written performance reviews.

British Columbia’s Human Rights Tribunal has granted the waiter a hearing to make his case, having denied an application by his former bosses to have the complaint thrown out.