An Entire Restaurant Made Of Salt

In the Iranian city of Shiraz is a unique restaurant, built entirely of salt. Walls, tables, chairs and even the stairs are made of this white mineral. Visitors appreciated not only by the creativity institutions, but also the benefits that it brings health.

Unique restaurant area of 150 square meters is the brainchild of Iranian firms Emtiaz Designing Group . Architects have used salt as a base material under the support of the program “green” building in the city. It is known that salt purifies the air and fills it with positive ions. Get a number of unusual material for the construction of no big deal, as far from the town are the salt mines and the salt lake. Inspired by the natural sea caves, the designers wanted to give his restaurant a similar form. Development of the project began with research layers and types of salt mines. Then extracted whole rock salt and processed accordingly. As an added bonding material builders white mineral resin.