The Battle Over“Greek Yogurt”

Greek governments have been battling over sole ownership of the “Greek yogurt” product for decades, with a new big battle inside the EU rapidly rising. This time it is the Czech Republic which is under the sights of the Greek Agriculture Ministry.

The government is now considering legal action against the Czech Republic for producing – and profiting from – a product it claims exclusively as its own. The move is part of an action plan drawn up by a 14-member working group set up last month by Greece’s Agriculture Ministry. It is ramping up efforts to block non-Greek producers – at least within the European Union – from manufacturing the thick, creamy dairy delight known to palates across the world.

The European Commission has already warned Prague that its production of imitation Greek yoghurt is creating unfair competition. So far though, to no avail. As a result, Athens is now taking a harder line. Officials in Athens hope to secure this status by the end of the year