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Soft Power With Good Flavour

Many countries have utilised food as a soft-power instrument for boosting their public image. Over the past two decades, there has been an increasing amount of dialogue on the role of food in not only establishing relations between cultures and nations but as part of the foundation of cultures and national identity

Weifang International Kites Festival

The Weifang International Kites Festival is an annual event held in Weifang, in East China’s Shandong Province. The night before the festival started, there...

Japan drives forward with plans for flying cars

Electric drones booked through smartphones pick people up from office rooftops, shortening travel time by hours, reducing the need for parking and clearing smog...

Efficient Use Of Power And Body Balance

As Turkey’s national sport, oil wrestling can be traced all the way back to Greco-Roman times. Those who wrestle are highly regarded in the community, and training is mostly done through more wrestling instead of going to the gym. Participants all wear the same leather trousers, and oil themselves prior to the match

‘I’m Not Rude, I’m Just French’

Guillaume Rey, who worked at a Vancouver restaurant was sacked from his job at a restaurant for “aggressive” behaviour, but he insisting his approach to the job was simply down to him being French.

Turkish Chefs Cook Up The Worlds Biggest Baklava

A group of chefs in Turkey claimed a world record for the largest baklava with a giant tray of the pastry dessert weighing over half a tonne, presented at a “Gastronomy Summit” in Ankara.

Boy Claps 1,080 Times In 1 Minute

A Florida 9-year-old Seven Wade applauded his way into the Guinness Book of World Records by clapping his hands 1,080 times in one minute.

World’ Priciest Chocolate

The world’s most expensive chocolate became on display at a chocolate fair in Obidos in Portugal.

Chelsea Flower Show

The importance of gardening and growing plants to help tackle some of the biggest issues facing us today will be key themes at this year’s Royal Horticultural Society Chelsea Flower Show (22nd May – Saturday 26th May)

Giant Daphne Duck Found After Going Missing

A giant inflatable duck that blew into the Indian Ocean has been found a week after going missing. The duck was last seen during the early hours of March at Coogee Beach in Perth, Australia, hours before she was set to be used as a turning point during a local swimming competition.

“World’s First” Flying Car

Dutch aerospace firm Pal-V announced its new Liberty flying car. The car has a 200-horsepower engine that can reach speeds of 160k/ph in 9 seconds and a maximum flying speed of 180k/ph.

First Official Nudist Beach

Public notices are set to go up at Hawk Cliff in Dalkey in County Dublin but there has been a mixed reaction to the news. Some of the concerns include the suitability for children and that it may attract anti-social behaviour.

Cheese Market In The Netherlands

The charming medieval cheese markets in The Netherlands are a feast for any cheese passionate out there.

Unique Mercedes G-Class SUV

A motorist from the Russian city of Novosibirsk teamed up with a local ice sculptor to create a unique Mercedes G-Class SUV using blocks of ice mounted on a metal chassis and powered by an old engine.

Barbra Streisand Cloned Beloved Dog

Barbra Streisand (75) singer and actress had her beloved 14- yearold Coton de Tulear dog Samantha cloned after her death in 2017, and now has two new pups. Streisand told Hollywood trade publication Variety in an interview that cells were taken from the mouth and stomach of Samantha.

Las Fallas Festival In Valencia

Each year, the Las Fallas festival in Valencia takes place on the same dates. The main events run from March 15 to March 19, but numerous events took place in the fortnight lead up to this week.

Dating Festival In China

While many single men and women in China tried to escape the blind dates their relatives set up during Spring Festival, the young people of a remote village in southwest China’s Yunnan Province attended a local mass-dating event, following a tradition that dates back about 1,350 years.

Family Adopts Nine Siblings From Foster Care

A family has adopted nine children from foster care to make sure that all the siblings can stay together. Peggy Smith and her husband Jacob from Tampa, Florida had no children until they came across a plea to help the kids on Facebook.