Nenad Nikolin, Director, CCS Solutions

A Green Mask For A Safe Environment

The coronavirus crisis prevented CCS Solutions in its further development and promotion of CouchCoach, its application for basketball fans. But the result was a completely new, revolutionary product – a green mask

For every ten masks a company buys, we donate one mask of its choice to a health institution on its behalf. Now we are inviting primary and secondary school teachers to call us – we will give them green masks, declares Mr Nikolin

Until a few months ago, we knew your company as the maker of Couch Coach, an application for basketball fans. Then you reoriented yourself to making masks. In both cases, innovative, creative and revolutionary…

We quickly realized that a lack of protective equipment will be one of the greatest problems faced by people in Serbia. A few days after we designed and produced the first 3D mask models, a public call was announced by the Innovation Fund, to help companies that within 30 days could create and distribute solutions that can help stop the spread of the virus. We took part in the competition and our green mask project ‘Life Mask’ was among twelve selected for support. We got to work and in about twenty days produced 30,000 green masks.

Your long-lasting green mask with replacement filters is really revolutionary. Please describe it to us in more detail … How will the new, improved model you are working on be different?

The green mask is indeed innovative, primarily because it is a permanent solution for protection, not only from viruses and bacteria, but also for protection against pollen, aerosols, pollution, dust, etc., with the choice of suitable filter. The best protection is provided by the HEPA filter, and very solid protection is provided by the Fine 8 and Fine 9 filter categories, while for protection against aerosols and pollen the M6 filter can also be used.

Nenad Nikolin

 All filters are made in Germany and have the right certificates, so the Serbian green mask and the German filter are the ideal protection.

Based on comments and impressions from mask users, we decided we had to design a one-way exhaust valve, so when you breathe in, air can’t enter that way because aCorD 191 silicone membrane prevents it, and when you breath out, the membrane changes shape so the air comes out unhindered. Besides this, the soft plastic part that currently covers the chin and nose will in future cover the entire rim of the mask, to improve the lateral seal with the face.
However, very few people who use the mask have complained, which suggests that we succeeded in making a model that most people can use.

A few days ago, you donated masks for teachers and students of the Mathematical Gymnasium so they can be ready for the new school year. How many masks have you produced so far, and how many have you donated?

The first masks we made were immediately donated to public health institutions in Serbia, hospitals, health centers and clinics throughout Serbia, with a total value of more than a million and a half dinars.

It is extremely important that the beginning of the school year and the return of pupils to their classrooms goes as well as possible, and that educational personnel and students are properly protected, so we prepared special offers ‘Porodični paket’ (Family Pack) and ‘Ostani bezbrižan’ (No Worries) with our distributor, Mong.

You can buy the green mask in over 100 pharmacies and retail shops in Serbia, and through our online store.

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