Vladimir Popović, Managing Director for SEE Ingram Micro

We Have a Team for Every Project

Ingram Micro d.o.o. Belgrade, as part of the Ingram Micro group, which is the world’s largest distributor in the field of IT equipment, covers a regional market of more than 50 million inhabitants. Thanks to this, we can always offer partners, vendors and end users the best logistics solutions

We have built up a reputation as a reliable and stable partner that provides a quality service to all suppliers and clients. At the heart of our operations is ensuring the satisfaction of partners who can always count on our technical, financial, marketing and logistical support, notes Mr Vladimir Popović.

Ingram Micro Belgrade is part of the Ingram Micro Group, which is the world’s largest distributor of IT equipment. Which markets do you cover from Belgrade?

Ingram Micro LogotypeWe cover the entire SEE NON EU market via our offices in Belgrade, Skopje and our representative office in Sarajevo. When it comes to market coverage, one of the goals of our company is to satisfy other markets with our quality and operational approach. For now we are successfully covering the markets of Serbia and Montenegro, with a distribution centre in Belgrade, the markets of the B-H Federation and Republika Srpska with a representative office in Sarajevo, and the markets of North Macedonia, Albania and the territory of Kosovo with a distribution centre in Skopje, while we have exclusive distribution rights from a number of our vendors for their products on the aforementioned markets.

Regional operations on a market of more than 50 million inhabitants provides us with great strength and stability, because we don’t depend only on movements on the Serbian market and can always offer our clients alternative logistics solutions.

We can learn a lot from this region. The success of Southeastern Europe is not accidental – standing behind it are great people, excellent business plans and brilliant strategies. Our task is to also apply this in the parts that we need. We also want to collaborate on projects that can be of interest not only to our countries, but also in global frameworks.

To what extent is the success of the Belgrade office based on global experience and to what extent is it dependent on excellent familiarity with the demands of the local market and the specific needs of each client?

With the help of our offices in the European region and qualified local partners worldwide, Ingram Micro can solve the problems of multicultural and multilingual companies from any part of the world, relying on many years of experience of thinking globally and acting locally.

I like Serbia, I like Montenegro, I love the warmth of their people. This area has been my home for over a third of my life

Ingram Micro focuses on providing superior services to customer by selecting the best possible team for each project, utilising the contributions of our consultants and the extensive knowledge of our experts from across the region and around the world.

You are known as a company that cares for its partners. How is that reflected? In technical areas, marketing, logistics, financial aid, education etc.?

Interaction with partners is an integral part of working processes for many companies. Building good relations and finding a successful formula is always difficult. Over recent years, Ingram Micro has built a reputation as a reliable and stable partner by providing a high-quality service to all of its suppliers and customers. At the heart of our operations is partner satisfaction. It is important to us that our partner feels comfortable and satisfied in doing business with us. A partner can count on our strong support on all issues (technical, financial, marketing, logistics, education etc.).

Ingram Micro team

A personalised approach, technical expertise and an expressed sense of the needs of customers provide a high level of flexibility in meeting the demands of different vendors and different channels.

Financial support, which is reflected through our presence on different markets, gives us access to the resources of global financial institutions. This enables us to invest successfully not only in our own development, but also in the development of our partners’ operations. Depending on needs and our level of cooperation, we offer our partners various services. Technical support, based on our many years of experience and investments in technical know-how and the development of business, enables us to offer a wide range of high-quality technical services for the implementation of projects of any level of complexity, from multi-million-dollar implementations to implementations for SMEs. We work constantly to improve the quality of technical support, as well as on the equipping of an appropriate number of experts with commercial and technical certificates from leading global vendors in the field of IT technologies.

Familiarity with the specificities of the local market and adaptability to local conditions for doing business is a key competitive advantage of our company

Marketing support is also an important component of our operations. Various activities are organised and implemented on a monthly basis with the aim of increasing the loyalty of our partners and increasing their interest in cooperating with us. Together with our partners and vendors, we organise presentations and promotions for end users, training courses, workshops, conferences, seminars and creative programmes. We thus bring together our partners and key representatives of vendors, enabling them to establish contacts, get informed on the latest technologies and advanced IT solutions, as well as share innovative ideas.

Ingram Micro d.o.o. Belgrade ensures a high level of logistical support based on many years of experience. We possess modern global warehouses around the world that enable us to deliver equipment to any location under the shortest possible deadlines. We have global warehouses that enable us to deliver equipment to any location within the CEE region. Equipment is stored in warehouses that are available in every country where an Ingram Micro office has been opened, and subsequently delivered to our partners and customers. The capacity of storage space, optimised transportation and integrated delivery, along with efficient organisation, ensures that equipment can reach its final destinations under the shortest possible deadlines.

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