Vladimir Popović, Managing Director, Ingram Micro

Strong Support To Partners

Ingram Micro is a company that’s committed to building dependable and mutually beneficial partnerships with more than 1,700 vendors of global significance, but also with a large number of partners from across the entire region

In the period ahead – notes Imgram Micro MD Vladimir Popovic, the company expects “further development of the digitalisation of operations, modernisation and the optimisation of business processes and security, as well as higher demand for high-quality digital services”.

What has changed at Ingram Micro over the last two years?

It has always been known that intelligent people learn from the experiences of others, and in today’s times it is certainly worth paying additional attention to the strategies and operational elements of those companies that have managed to overcome all the turmoil and remain as pillars of strong support to their partners and customers. Ingram Micro is just such an example of a company whose experiences can teach others a lot.

We also offer our partners the opportunity to connect with global and local markets, technologies and resources on the market, and to sell their products. Our services extend beyond the scope of classical distribution: we offer marketing, effective logistics and a services package to enable us to connect our partners with their customers quickly, accurately and efficiently.

We offer marketing, effective logistics and a services package to enable us to connect our partners with their customers quickly, accurately and efficiently

We are awaited by a global crisis of skilled/ qualified labour, particularly in the field of business software. How are you resolving this issue?

We cope with this through constant education. We’ve introduced not only classical training, but also professional work placements. In that sense, we are proud of the Intership programme that was created by Ingram Micro Adriatic in cooperation with the University of Belgrade Faculty of Electrical Engineering (ETF), the Faculty of Computer Science in Belgrade (RAF) and the Faculty of Electronics in Niš.

This programme offers an attractive agenda for future engineers, with professional development and practical training, opportunities to network with people around the entire business and inclusion in multiple projects.

We’ve just gone through two extremely challenging years. What do you expect from 2022?

Following the end of the pandemic, there will be a shift from total work from home to returning to offices, which will represent some kind of hybrid model of work. The pandemic brought us an increased need for hgh-quality and professional security personnel, which is why at Ingram Micro we’re organising Cyber Security training, though nor should we undervalue the basic training and education provided in virtualisation and management.

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